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   Chapter 62 NO.62

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So I gather everyone at the "dinning cottage" mainly because Ace, Aeris, Wren and I haven't eaten yet and to do Ace's request.

I took a piece of a distorted looking roast pig that looks like a bunch wolves played tag of war with it that's on top of a banana leaf in the middle of the table into my coconut bowl.

After that, I took a bite while listening to what Ace have to say.

This thing is delicious.

"What I discovered by secretly following a girl from class eight to her base is that we have to strike now when we have the chance."

"Strike now?"

As everyone asked except for me, Kana amd Wren.

Ace answers the question.

"Yes! Strike! As in sabotage."

Maple reacts like a hyper active little kid who just had ton of sugar.

"Sabotage? I love sabotage! Count me in! Count me in!"

Ace ignores Maple and continues.

"Like I was saying, now is our chance to sabotage their base in order to disqualify them tomorrow."

I react to what Ace had said.

"So, you want us to sabotage them so they will be disqualified instead of stealing their flag and make them our ally."

Ace agrees with my statement.

"Yes, exactly."

The others starts talking among themselves.

"Well... It doesn't seem like we can make class eight to become our all

class who have already beaten another class, their flags and their subordinates as well as them are yours.

Fifth rule: Conspiring with other classes is prohibited unless they became your subordinates.

Lastly: The game should be completed with in two weeks otherwise all of you will be forced to attend supplementary classes.


After I hear the recording, I can't help but to react.

"I see..."

"So what do you say leader. Should we do it or not?"

As Ace asked and everyone turned their gazes towards me which gives me a lot of pressure.

I think to myself for a bit.

If class eight get's disqualified, lesser the enemy right?

How about that "ha ha ha" girl?

She doesn't seem evil nor bad.

Ah what the hell!

"Let's do it!"


As everyone shouted in response.

After that, we proceed to planning.

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