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   Chapter 61 NO.61

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After we gathered a bunch of weapons which that seems useful and fit them all inside four steel briefcases, Zack and I head back towards our base.

By the way, we were able to avoid contact with students from other classes thanks to the radar app on the cell phone though we could hear people using atomic synthesis.

I guess the other classes ended up fighting each other.

Anyway, while we were heading our way back, I asked Zack what's up with class eight and he answered me vaguely.

Not that his the mysterious type, he just sucks at explaining.

He actually sucks more than me.

This is partly of our conversation about class eight..

"Dude! That class is like the worstest class ever!" (Zack)

"Why is it the "worstest" class ever?" (Me)

"The dudes their are bad dudes dude!" (Zack)

"What do you mean by bad dudes?" (Me)

"The dudes over there are the worst dudes dude!" (Zack)

"I get it that the "dudes" there are bad. The question is why?" (Me)

"The dudes there do bad things to each other dude!" (Zack)

"Alright... So what do they do to each other?" (Me)

"Evil things dude!" (Zack)

"Evil things?" (Me)

"Bad things dude!" (Zack)

"What is this thing they do to each other!" (Me)

"Evil things dude!" (Zack)

See what I mean?

The only thing I understand from Zack's explanation is that class eight are a bunch of bad "dudes" who do evil things to each other.

Sigh* That felt like I was interviewing a retard.

That's why I hardly talk to him.

By the way, "Ha ha ha" or whatever her name is doesn't seem to be evil.

She's more like the frail, weak and shy type.

Like I said earlier, she's like Lin.

Then again, don't judge a digital book by it's graphics.

So anyway, the sky turned as we arrive at our base.

As we arrived, Zack and I can't help but to react to the scene before us.

"Holy crap!" (Linel)

"Woah dude!" (Zack)

On front of us is a huge wall made out of sharpened logs and inside the walls is a fortress made out of wood and a tower with our hologram flag sticking out to the top.

It wasn't exaggerated when I described it as a fortress instead of a base since I could see a bunch of sentry guns made out of wood hanging all over the ledges.

Not to mention, on our way here, ther

should ask them about class eight.

I ask them about class eight.

"Umm... So hey? What's up about class eight? Are they evil or something?"

Aeris answers my question.

"You never heard about class eight Linel?"

"Nope! Not at all!"

Mainly because alot of crazy things happen ever since I transfered to this school like being chased around the school, the incident in Scorpio space city, the mock war and this crazy finals exam.

Because of those crazy incidents, I never had a chance to hear any bad rumours about other classes.

"Well... I don't really like gossiping so could we change the subject please?"

Looks like Aeris doesn't wanna talk about it.

How about Wren?

A silently stare at Wren in the eye hoping that she will give me some answers.

For some reason, Wren's face turns red and she burst into anger.

"Stop staring at me weirdo!"

As she shouted while forcefully turning my head away from her by pushing my face bashfully.

Few more push, my neck will snap and I will die like in those cliche action movies that Luna loves to watch.

Good thing that my barrier is active to absorb the force of Wren's brute strength.

So anyway, looks like none of them wants to talk about class eight.

Maybe I have better luck with Ace.

Better ask her when she comes back.


The entrance of the door open and Ace walks in with her usual cool expression.

Speaking of the devil.

Ace approaches me and speaks to me in a cool manner.

"Linel! Gather everyone."

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