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   Chapter 60 NO.60

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Click* Tug* Creeeek*

After I open the steel briefcase, the contents surprised all of us including Ace.

"What the-" (Linel)

"Woah dude!" (Zack)

"Isn't this-" (Harumi)

"This is-" (Ace)

I can't help but to blur out what's inside the steel briefcase.

"Handcuffs?" (Linel)

"Awesome bracelet dude!" (Zack)

"Handcuffs..." (Harumi)

"It's a handcuffs." (Ace)

And the rest did as well except for Zack who doesn't know what a handcuffs is.

So anyway, just like what we said, inside the steel briefcase is a normal looking handcuffs lying at the center of a gray foam.

If you ask me why is there a useless item inside this steel briefcase instead of a weapon, it is because who ever was in charge of hiding the weapons all over this island put this thing in there as a practical joke.

I close the steel briefcase and ask Ace her verdict.

"So, do you think we should keep this or let this girl have it?"

"I got to admit that this handcuffs won't be much use to us but-"

"But what?"

"But she's our enemy and we can't compromise with an enemy."

As expected of Ace.

Looks like I won't be able to convince her to give up the briefcase unless we have an ulterior motive.

Ulterior motive huh...

I have an idea!

"Mind if we have a little meeting?"

As I said to "ha ha ha".

"Umm... I-I don't mind..."

As she gave her answer in a shy manner.

Watching her do that kinda reminds me a bit of Lin. (Note: Vol.2 Memories of the past.)

Now that I mentioned it, their attitudes are quite similar.

Maybe that's reason why I want to help her out.

Anyway, I walk away while carrying the steel briefcase with me before Ace and Zack reacted.

Ace and Zack who are some what dumbfounded followed me in pursuit.

By the way, I learned that from pres.

"So what do you want to talk about in front of our enemy?"

I'm pretty sure Ace is being sarcastic here.

"Yeah dude! What's up?"

At least Zack is on my side.

I think...

Anyway, I went straight to the point.

"Let's give her the briefcase."

"Did you hear what I said earlier?"

As Ace refuted me.


"Yeah dude!"

As Zack and I said in agreement.

I bet Zack is just going with the flow.

"Sigh* Do I have to explain to you two again on why we can't let her have the briefcase?"

As Ace said in an upset manner.

"Compromising with the enemy right? But it won't be compromising if you have an ulterior motive."

As I said trying to convince her.

"Ulterior motive? What do you mean?"

As Ace asked.

Looks like she caught the bait.

"Dude! I don't know what that is but it sounds so cool!"

I ignore Zack's reaction and explain to Ace.

"This is what I mean. We give her the briefcase and let her go. After we let her go, one of us will tail her till she gets to her base. Get it?"

"Yeah. I got it."

As Ace said.

"Gotcha dude!"

And Zack joins in as well.

"Now that's settled, Ace would you mind doing the tailing?"

As I said casually.

Ace responds to my question.

"I don't mind but why choose me?"

I state the obvious.

"Because you're an assassin and tailing is your speciality."

"You do have a point but tailing is not the only thing an assassin can do."

I don't have time for lectures on an assassin's specialties so I go straight to the point.

"Yeah I know! So will you do it or not?"

"I'll do it on one condition."

One condition?

I ask Ace that.

"Which is?"

"Let me have the cell phone."

She wants to have

s of feet.

After that, she cuts the vine in to two by pulling it with her brute strength and ties the each pair of feet to the stick.

After she was done tying up the burned corpse, she steps away from it and commands the other two who was watching her out of astonishment.

"Carry that!"

Roc woke up from his astonishment and responds in a surprise manner.

"What man? You mean me?"

Wren who's irritated with Roc's responds repeats himself.


"Hey man! I don't think I can carry that by myself! That thing is freaking huge and sure as hell that it's heavy!"

As Roc said trying to explain himself.


As Wren shouted while her whole body burst into flames.

"Alright man! Alright!"

As Roc shouted trying to calm Wren down.

After that, he approaches the tied up burned corpse and mumbles to himself.

"Sheesh! She's so moody!"

"I'm what!?"

As Wren reacted.

Roc tries to brush it off.

"Nothing man! Nothing!"


As Wren said while flicking her twin tails and venture further into the forest.

Maples follow Wren in pursuit but Roc noticed her attempt and stops him.

"Hey man! Don't leave me! Help me out here!"

Maple responds to like an innocent child.

"I don't thwink my lwittle arms can lwift something this biggie!"

Roc who seen through Maple's lies, tells her to stop.

"Cut the bull crap man! Everyone knows you have the strength of a gorilla!"

"Who are you calling a gorilla!? Huh!?"

As Maple who was innocent child earlier reacted like an angry mobster.

"Who else man?"

As Roc retorted.

"You wanna piece of me!"

As Maple challenges Roc into a fight.

Roc obliges.

"Hell yeah!"

Roc and Maple starts punching each other like a bunch of delinquents.

Bam* Wam* Blam*

Suddenly, a bolt of fire is heading towards them.


Roc and Maple dodges the fire bolt by jumping backwards.

Boom* Spoosh* Splat*

The fire bolt end up hitting the burned corpse's belly which made a hole.

Organs and blood spills out from it.

Roc got horrified and disgusted by the scene which made him vomit while Maple enjoyed it.

"Wahahahahahaha! The organs! The organs spilled out! Wahahahahaha!"


As Wren who came back with bundles of green bananas shouted from the top of her lungs.

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