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   Chapter 59 NO.59

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"P-please let me go!"

I take a closer look at the helpless girl who's begging for mercy.

The girl has brown hair with twin pig tails and braids at the sides.

Her eyes is brown like her hair.

She kinda resembles Feini but the shape of her eyes is slightly different.

Feini's eyes is a cat like while this girl is slightly cat like.

You can say that her eyes is a little bit bigger then Feini's.

I'm guessing that they both came from the same place since people with brown hair and brown eyes are somewhat rare.

So as people with black hair and black eyes like Kana.

Now that I mentioned it, isn't Kana's eyes is slightly cat like as well?

I heard people who has the same hair color and eye color as Kana, Feini and this girl are common at the planet earth from the milky way galaxy.

Anyway, this girl is kinda cute like a scared little kitten.

Now I'm starting to sound like Mathias.

Damn! That pervert is rubbing off on me!

"Hey leader! Don't just stand there! Go threaten her as well!" (Ace)

"Yeah dude! Join the party!" (Zack)

As the two "punks" interrupted my chain of thoughts.

I didn't respond to them and look at the helpless girl.

She begs for mercy while her arms are tightly wrapped around the steel briefcase and her head is facing down.

"P-please let me go! I-I will do anything! Just please let me go!"

If this was a movie and we are the bad guys, we will probably demand something... You know, bad.

Ace makes her demand.

"Anything huh... Then strip!"

See what I mean...

No! Wait!

"Hey Ace! Are you serious??"

"Dude! Seriously??"

As Zack and I reacted by whispering among ourselves.

Ace answers us in a serious tone of voice.

"Dead serious."

This girl is...

"P-please! Anything but that!"

As the helpless girl begs for mercy while she's flustered.

Ace makes another demand.

"Then give us the briefcase."

The helpless girl begs for mercy again.

"Please! Anything but that also."

I think I know what Ace is getting at here.

"Strip or give us the briefcase. If not, suffer. Choose."


The girl become all confused and starts panicking because of Ace putting pressure on her.

"Umm... Umm... I... I..."

Though I'm interested on what she would choose, my so called conscience tells me to stop Ace.

"Ace, could you cut her some slack?"

As I said to her in a whisper.

Ace responds to me in a whisper.

"Just a little more and she will give up the briefcase."


Ha ha ha what now?

Before I was able to process her name in my head, Ace asks a question.

"What class are you in?"


"I see... So that's why you're desperate to have this briefcase."

"Dude! The class eight?? As in class eight??"

Judging by Ace and Zack's reaction, there's something up about this class eight.

I wanted to ask about class eight but now doesn't look like the time to ask.

"Yes... So please let me have this briefcase!"

As "Ha ha ha" begs.

"I understand your situation..."

"So then-"

"I still can't let you have the briefcase."

"Ha ha ha" became depressed as she heard Ace's answer.

"Now, will you excuse me?"

As Ace said in a cool manner and picks up the steel briefcase.

"Ha ha ha" suddenly grabs hold of the briefcase like her life depends on it again.

"Please let me have it!"

"I said no didn't I?"

And now we're back to square one.

At this rate, will be wasting more time so I told Ace what to do.

"Ace, why not we look what's inside the briefcase first to see if it's useful to us or not. Then we decide if we should take it or let her have it."

"Let me think about it for awhile."

After three seconds...


And my proposal was rejected.

Looks like I have no other choice then.

I approach Ace and tap her on her right shoulder.

You know what happens next.

Few minutes later...

I'm on front of the steel briefcase in a crouching position about to open it while the three are standing behind me.

On my center is Ace who's pointing the edge of her ice blade at my neck, on my right is Zack and on my left is the girl.

"Here it goes..."

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