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   Chapter 57 NO.57

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We successful divide ourselves into three groups.

The first group which is the "Construction "Team", as the name itself, their job is to build a base.

This group is lead by Kana and the members are Lokki, Aeris and Mathias.

The reason why I assign them there, it's because those four are good in brain wave manipulation.

Not to mention Kana can build anything...

I think...

As for the second group the "Scavenging Team", their job is to look for food.

The leader of this group is Wren and the members are Maple and Roc.

As surprising as it sounds, her royal highness has knowledge about scavenging.

Heck I was surprised myself when she volunteered for the job...

More like she declared herself for the job.

Actually, she even tried forcing me to join her but thanks to Ace's negotiation skills, she given up on the idea reluctantly.

Wonder why she wanted me badly on her group?

Anyway, about those two with her who has no knowledge about scavenging and what's so ever except for having fun and guns.

Those two has nothing better to do so assign them on that group.

Wren seems to be upset about that.

Can't blame her though since those two are practically useless.

Lastly the "Reconnaissance Team" lead by none other.

The job of the "Reconnaissance T

An ambush? That's so cool dude!"

And Zack reacts positively.

"Yes, so let's go!"

As Ace said and synthesize a pair of ice blades.

"An ambush? I don't know about that."

As I said feeling a bit guilty.

Well an ambush is what bad guys do right?

So don't criticize me for feeling guilty.

"It's now or never."

As Ace said in her usual cool manner and runs forward without making a sound like a ninja.

Zack who's hyper as ever, runs after Ace while leaving me behind.

As for me, well they could pretty much handle this on their own so I just walk towards where they run off to in my own pace.

I'm pretty sure once I arrive, they're already done with the so called ambush.


As I arrive to where Zack and Ace are, I saw a helpless girl begging for mercy while hugging tightly on a white steel briefcase.

"P-please let me go!"

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