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   Chapter 56 NO.56

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Sshshshshshshhoooooo* Shshshshshshshoooooo*

The sound of the waves echoes as we drag ourselves towards the shore.

Maple who's really exhausted, drops down face front and acts like a dying soldier in a melodramatic war movie.

"Cough* Cough* I-I c-can't go a-any f-further... L-leave me be..."

And "passes out" afterwards.

Lokki who's also really exhausted, drops down beside Maple the same way as her and acts like a dying soldier in a melodramatic war movie as well.

"Cough* Cough* P-please t-tell Ve-veronica- Cough* Cough* That I l-l-lo-lo..."

And "passes out" as well

Roc who's as exhausted as the two, drops down without saying a word.

As for the rest of us, we're exhausted but not enough to make us drop like a bunch of dead flies.

Ace who looks a little tired than exhausted, approaches me and ask me a question in a cool manner.

"So leader, what's the plan?"

What's the plan huh...

"Let's see... First, we should find a place to take breather. One with lot's of oxygen so we can recover quickly."

"Take a breather with full of oxygen huh... That's sounds like a good plan. How about the others?"

As Ace said and asked afterwards.

The others responds to Ace's question.

"I think that Linel's plan is good." (Aeris)

"Whatever my dear says, I will follow even if it means that I will travel to the ends of the universe." (Mathias)

"No complains here." (Kana)

"Like we have any other choice! Hmph!" (Wren)

"Dude! What they said." (Zack)

Ace makes a conclusion.

"Since we're all in agreement, Let's do that shall we?"

Everyone responds.

"Yes!" (Aeris)

"Yes darling." (Mathias)

"Affirmative." (Kana)

"Yeah Dude! Totally!" (Zack)

"Hmph!" (Wren)

After hearing everyone's r


As expected, Wren throws a tantrum.

Before this go out of hand and waste more time, I told the others what to do.

"Uh... Before we waste anymore time, let's get down to business."

Surprisingly, listens to me and stops what their doing.

"So what's the plan leader?"

As Ace asked in a cool manner.

"First thing first, could you stop calling me that. I'm not the leader."

"But you're the one's calling the shots, isn't it?"


I can't find an excuse to refute Ace.

What she said is true but...

"So then, you're our leader."

I looks towards the others if they agree with Wren.

They answer my gaze.

"Yeah you're the leader!" (Lokki)

"No complains here." (Kanna)

"You're the man!" (Roc)

"Linel, I think you're the one fit to be our leader." (Aeris)

"Yeah dude! Totally!" (Zack)

"My dear, whatever you say I will follow." (Mathias)

"What they say!" (Maple)

"Hmph!" (Wren)

After that, Ace makes a conclusion.

"There you have it."

I'm starting to think that Ace has unique way of making things go to her favor.

I guess it's an assassin thing.

Now then, to sort out the plan.

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