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   Chapter 55 NO.55

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"Yes! Flag. In this game, you'll be playing by class. Your goal in this game is to steal the other classes' flag. It's up to you on how you'll do it. If you successfully steal a flag, the class who you stole the flag from will be your subordinates. If another class steals your flag, you and your subordinates will become that classes' subordinates. Understood everyone?"

"Yes Ms. Diana."

As we said like good little children.

"Good. Now listen up closely! Here are the rules of the game."

Rules? I thought she already told us the rules.

"First rule: You have to build your own base with a twelve feet tower to put your flag on with in twenty-four hours as soon as the game starts. If you don't complete this task, all of you will be automatically disqualified and will be force to attend supplementary classes for two weeks during your semesteral break."

So we have to build a base first.

"Second rule: In order to beat another class, you have to steal their flag and bring it back to your base. The opposing class who you stole the flag from have every right to get it back until you reach your base."

So even if our flag is stolen, we have a chance to get it back huh...

"Third rule: Once you've become a subordinate of a certain class, you are not allowed to betray them and also, you are required to fully cooperate with them."

So we should be as loyal as a dog once you become a subordinate.

"Fourth rule: If you beat another class who have already beaten another class, their flags and their subordinates as well as them are yours."

I see... That's convenient.

"Fifth rule: Conspiring with other classes is prohibited unless they became your subordinates."

So we can't ally ourselves with another class unless we beat them.

"Lastly: The game should be completed with in two weeks otherwise all of you will be forced to attend supplementary classes."

So there's a time limit huh...

"As for your food and weapons, you will provide yourself with food by scavenging."

Some of us reacted to what Ms.

Maybe she's the type who likes thrills.

I bet if she goes to an amusement park, the only attraction she will go to is a roller coaster or maybe the free fall.

Anyway, the others pops out of the ocean as well.

Mathias looks some what pleased while Wren looks really annoyed.

I can't blame Wren for being annoyed but what's up with Mathias?

As for Maple and Roc, Maple looks like a hyper active little kid who just had her first ride in a roller coaster while Roc looks like he's going to crap himself.

I guess Roc is not good with heights.

As for Ace and Lokki, Ace looks cool as a cucumber while Lokki looks a little surprised.

I expected that Lokki would be the same as Roc but it looks like he got more guts than him.

As for the last pair, Zack looks like he's having a blast while Kana looks stiff as ever.

As expected of those two.

Now then, that's enough observation for now.

I tell everyone what to do next.

"Alright everyone! Let's just swim to the shore and sort out our plan."

Everyone responded.

"I agree." (Aeris)

"Yeah let's!" (Lokki)

"Ditto." (Ace)

"Alright dude!" (Zack)

"Affirmative." (Kanna)

"Yesh!" (Maple)

"Let's get the hell out of here man!" (Roc)

"What ever you say my dear." (Mathias)

"Don't order me around weirdo! Hmph!" (Wren)

After that, we all swim towards the shore.

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