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   Chapter 54 NO.54

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Silver Wing Explorer...


Everyone seems to be cheery despite not knowing where the hell are we going or what will we be doing.

Not to mention that all the windows in this mini ship are tinted black which means that we can't see what's going on outside.

Though I said mini ship, this place is too spacious for a class of ten students and one advisor.

This is making me feel anxious.

Either that or I just had a really bad day yesterday.

I just can't get all cheery and excited like my classmates do.

"Umm... Linel? You don't look so good. Are you not feeling well?"

I look towards my seatmate Aeris who asked me that question.

She's wearing a multi purpose combat suit like everyone else and has a worried expression on her face.

Like me, she's strapped tightly to her seat by a seatbelt unable to stand up and do whatever.

This kinda feels like that I'm a vicious criminal wearing a straitjacket except for the part that I could move my hands freely.

I answer the worried Aeris.

"Well kinda... But it's not worth worrying about. Thanks for the concern by the way."

Somehow, I don't feel like talking to her about my troubles since there's a grumpy Wren staring at me.

Aeris seems to get the picture and answers me with a gentle smile.

"Alright Linel! But if you ever feel sick, just tell me. I'll be happy to help in anyways I can."

"If I ever feel like throwing up, you'll be the first one to know."

As I said jokingly.

Instead of being offended or gross out with my joke, Aeris seems to be satisfied.

"You can count on me Linel!"

As she said with a smile.

What's up with that?

By the way, if you're wondering why I'm sitting beside Aeris, it is because that we're in a boy-girl sitting arrangement and I was randomly paired up with her by Ms. Diana.

I'm actually glad that I get to sit beside Aeris since the other girls are just kinda awkward especially Ace and Kana.

Well Ace is not really awkward but sitting beside her means that you should refrain from touching her and she'll probably do something that will keep me from touching her like synthesizing an ice wall to act as a binder and such.

As for Kana, she'll just stay silent the entire trip unless I talk to her and talking to her is a pain.

She'll try to scam me in buying her products.

Wren is a pain to be with since she's a stuck up princess who needs a lot of attention.

Not to mention what happened yesterday which will make things awkward.

As for Maple, she's crazy.

Anyway, back to reality.

Suddenly, a suspicious blue and white capsule falls on front of me and lands on my right thigh.

I pick up the capsule with my right hand and examine it.

Aeris who notice the capsule that I'm holding, stares at it as well.

"This is?"

As I asked myself while examining the capsule.

"A medicine for spacesickness and jet lag."

(Note: Spacesickness or

ho was screaming like an idiot earlier calms down.

More like, she suddenly become bored.

Talk about crazy.

The one's who was panicking earlier seems to calm down as well.

Soon after, the shaking has stop.

I look out the window to see where we are now.

As I did, All I see is blue and white substance everywhere that looks like cotton.

Is this what a sky looks like?

If so, it's-


And Aeris took the words out of my mouth.

It's certainly beautiful I say.

"It's like a whole new different world."

As I said out loud.

"Hi hi hi... It is a whole new different world Linel. Hi hi hi..."

As Aeris said happily.

I look at the giggling Aeris and she's charming as ever.

Now I'm all flustered for saying some thing embarrassing on front of this charming girl.

"Ha ha ha... It is, isn't it?"

As I said while rubbing the back of my head with my left hand.

"It is Linel. Hi hi hi..."

And we both burst into laughter.

"Hi hi hi..."

"Ha ha ha..."

"Hi hi hi..."

Suddenly, I felt like somebody wants to murder me.

I look around to see who's giving me that feeling and saw a Wren on fire staring at me angrily.

What's her problem?

Few minutes after the trembling stops, Ms. Diana went to the center front and calls for our attention

"Listen up everyone."

All of our attention turn towards Ms. Diana.

She starts explaining.

"For your finals exam, all of you will be playing a game in a tropical island."

As we heard that, we start talking to ourselves.

"A game?"

"A game huh..."

"A game? Sound like fun!"

"Dude! A tropical island! Awesome dude!"

"Good thing I'm wearing my sexy underwear!"

"Shshshsh! Everyone! Please be quiet."

We all shut our mouth as we heard Ms. Diana's gentle scolding.

Ms. Diana continues...

"Ehem! So the game that you're all going to play is a game called Flag."


As everyone asked in unison.

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