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   Chapter 53 NO.53

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A week has passed since that mock war with the Rising whatever it's name is and things...


Things didn't really turn back to normal.

News spread through out the school that I punch the principal of the enemy school and now I'm being called a "hero".

And a "geezer killer"...

I wish I wouldn't have done what I did so that I won't be called weird names.

As they say, there's always regret at the end.

Anyway, that's not the only reason why things haven't returned to normal yet.

The other reason is that the finals exams are coming up and guess when is it.

It's tomorrow.

And what am I doing right now?

The answer is...

"Say Ahh?"




"Open your mouth so I can feed you."

"As if I can do something em-"

Before I was able to finish my protest, Pres the uninvited guest shoves a fork of cake into my mouth which took me by surprise.

And now I'm all flustered.

Damn it!

Pres looks at me with a gentle motherly smile and say...

"There you go!"

After that, she gets another piece of cake from her plate and tries to feed me again.


This is some kind of harassment isn't it?

Or a new method of bullying?

Either way, it's seems to be working on me effectively.

What did I do to deserve this?


For some reason, my mouth opens on it's own and Pres shoves another piece of cake with her fork inside it.

Wren who's sitting across me and Pres stood up furiously.


As Wren said angrily while her whole body is on fire.

Eri who's sitting beside Wren, stood up and tries to calm her down.

"Now now your highness. Please calm down."

The answer is we're having a picnic.

Who knows what or why we're having a picnic before the finals exams.

Even I don't know myself.

I was just suddenly invited by Wren.

No! More like she forcefully drag me out of my room and brought me here while I was studying.

Actually, I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to study for since all the teachers said that the finals exam will be a surprise so I was studying random topics.

I even tried asking uncle Huck what the finals exam is all about and all he said was it's something that will blow my mind.

I tried asking gramps about it and all he did was laugh it off and offer me some tea.

Not only that, we also end up talki

er and tries to wake him up by shaking him.

"Come on weirdo! Wake up! Wake up!"

Eri who seems to be relaxed, slowly walk towards Wren and lectures her.

"Your highness, I know you're upset but kicking Linel towards the Slumber Roses is going overboard."

"I-I didn't mean- I-It was an accident!"

As Wren said with a hint of guilt.

Eri explain the situation in a worrisome manner.

"If we don't do something soon, he will stay unconscious for five days."

Wren throws a fit.

"I said it was an accident! Stop making me feel guilty!"

"Look at the bright side your highness, now you can lock him up in our room and keep him all to yourself for five days."

As Eri said in a calm and pessimistic manner.

Wren mumbles to herself.

"L-lock him up in our room... A-all to myself..."

Sooner later, her face turns flush red.

"Your highness, your true colors are showing."

As Eri points out.

"M-my true colors?"

As Wren asked while her face became redder than before.

Eri teases her.

"Oh your highness! You're so cute when you're blushing.


As Wren shouted.

"Anyways, that's enough jokes for now. Let us do something with this dire situation we are in. We can't let Linel be absent during the finals exams now can we?"

As Eri brush off the matter, takes out her cell phone and makes a call.

Wren who was all worked up earlier change to her usual grumpy self and said...


While crossing her arms and looking away.

Few minutes later, Louise the maidbot came over, pick up Linel and brought him to the infirmary.

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