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   Chapter 51 NO.51

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I say, the pres is right!

This school is gigantic compared to our school.

Even the design is different.

If our school looks like a shopping mall, this school looks like a giant battleship.

Everything here looks militarish.

Even the color of this place which is mostly steel chrome and red looks militarish

This place is really intimidating.

I wanna go home.

When I meant home, I mean back to Silver Wing Academy.

So anyway, I better concentrate on finding that principal and beating the crap out of the guys blocking our way.

By the way, we were able to join up with the infiltration team that was sent by the pres before us who are really exhausted and hiding inside one of the school facilities.

The one who found them was Kana actually.

Don't know how she knew where they are, she just entered one of the rooms while where in the middle of running in some hallway at the second floor.

Unlike our school which all the escalators leading towards the next floor is at the center of the academy, the escalators here are all scattered.

In other words, this place is a damn maze.

I can't imagine how the students here avoid being late.

So anyway, strangely we haven't attacked yet by the students of this school.

Is this the surprised that Kana is talking about?

If so, damn she's awesome!

She even knows here way around here even if it's her first time being here.

"Turn left. That's were the escalator leading towards the next floor is."

We all listened to Kana's instruction and turn left.

As we did, we found the escalator along with a bunch of exhausted students who are waiting in ambush.

Since those guys are blocking our way, we beat the crap out of them.

Ace and I run towards the students blocking our way.

When we're near the students, Ace q

u lot were able to pass my defenses. Those useless pawns! Once this is over, I'll have them expelled!"

Typical bad guy line.

"It's over!"

As I said in a cool manner.

I always wanted to say that!

"Oh! It will be!"

As he said with full of confidence and takes out his hand gun.

Before he was able to point his handgun, I rush towards him and punch him at the face as hard as I can out of impulse.

Bam* Thud*

As a result, he was knocked down.

I'm pretty sure this is not enough to take him out since he's a former Former Lieutenant General of the Space Delta Force after all.


Or not!

The principal lies on the floor helplessly like a crippled old man.

Damn he's so weak!

I hope I won't get charged with elderly abuse.

And that's how the mock war ended with Silver Wing Academy as the victor.

Silvertech Space Station 15 security room...

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's so rich! The great former Lieutenant General Brian Rux got his ass kicked by the Silvercrest kid! Ha ha ha ha! What the hell!"

Luke stops his laughter and stood up from his chair.

"Ah! That was entertaining. Now then, time for me to get back to business."

He exits the security room.

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