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   Chapter 50 NO.50

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Silver Wing Academy Central...

Three exhausted students who are fending off a horde of enemies on the escalator that leads to the third floor are reaching their limit.

One of the three who's a tall and muscular fourth year student wielding a Gun Saber states his complain.

"Damn it! Where are the reinforcements?"

The cool looking glasses wearing fifth year students who's wielding a plasma saber with a purple blade refutes him.

"Less complaining, more fighting."

"Easier said than done!"

As the tall and muscular student returns his refute.

"Look, Yuka is doing her job with out complains. You should learn from her."

As the cool looking glasses wearing fifth year student said and the tall and muscular fourth took a glace at their female companion which is a third year student who's busy fending off the horde with her MBP 16.

Pepepepew* Pepepepew* Pepepepew*

The tall and muscular fourth year student accepts defeat.

"Yeah yeah!"

And tries his best to fend off the horde.

Suddenly, something fly and smashes into the middle of the horde which send a couple of them flying.

Boosh* Bam*

"Woah! Dude! That was awesome!"

The trio set their gazes towards the boy wearing a bonnet carrying booster sword who's in the middle of the horde.

"Who the hell is that?"

As the tall and muscular fourth year student asked.

"Uhh.. Reinforcements?

As the their female companion answered him.

Suddenly, several plasma daggers with a bluish green blade fly towards the enemies and slashes a couple of them.

"Hey Zack! Don't just fly off without warning like that!"

The trio set their gazes on the boy with layered black hair who is shouting from the floor bellow.

"Sorry dude!"

As the boy wearing a bonnet apologizes.

Soon after, a gust of wind from behind the horde send several of them flying.

The trio look towards the person who did that and saw a tall and beautiful boy with semi long blond hair who's carrying a Gun Saber.

He smiled playfully and start groping the enemies butts.

"Hey there muscle head! You seemed to have a nice pair of buns."

As he said to them in a flirting manner.

After that, more students from the Silver Wing Academy starts flooding in.

"This is our reinforcements?

As the trio asked themselves.

Silvertech Space Station 15 Central Plaza...

Five Silver Wing Academy students are being surrounded by massive numbers of students from the Rising Phoenix Academy students.

What happened to the rest of the students of the Silver Wing Academy?

They got exhausted and the enemy used that to their advantage and defeat them.

The defeated students were carr

e her be.

"So anyway, there you have it. Where not running in blindly."

"That doesn't change the fact that your plan is still reckless."

This guy...

"Now now! I think his plan is great. Besides, it's faster that way. So relax! You're too serious for your age. Girls don't like serious boys you know!"

As Feini the only upperclassman in our group said like a big sister who's scolding her little brother.

"For an upperclassman, you sure are irresponsible."

"Why you!"

Feini squeezes Favion's head with her fist out of anger like a big sister trying to punish her little brother for reading her diary.

Brea did that to me a lot of times before so just watching her do that brings back the horrible memories.

I doubt Favion would feel a thing though because of the barrier.

So to end this "debate" and not waste any more time, I ask the last person who haven't voice out her opinion.

"Hey Ace, what do you think of my plan?"

Ace thinks for a sec and answer my question.

"Let's see... Just like Favion said it's reckless."

"I see..."

Maybe I should think of a better plan after all.

"But it's more interesting that way."

I couldn't help but to react.


"Now then, let's execute the plan shall we?"

Is she messing with me?

Anyway, because of Ace, Favion gives up opposing the plan.

Now then, time to execute the plan.

"Now, on the count of three, we will run in there as fast as we can till we reach the principals office. No matter what happens, we should stick together.

As I said while pointing at the entrance leading to the insides of the academy.

Everyone (except Kana) nods in responds.

I start the count down.






We all run towards the entrance.

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