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   Chapter 49 NO.49

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I dispersed the compressed air on my right fist and stood up.


After that, I turn towards the person who said that.

It was a cute- No! Cute is not the right word to describe her.

Gorgeous is the right word.

Anyway, this gorgeous girl has pink long hair with curly tips and blue eyes.

She seems to be two or three years older than me and gives off a bossy aura.

Not Brea or Wren type of bossy, but a whole new different type of bossy which I haven't encountered before.

Anyway, she's wearing a black blazer with a red arm band that is wrapped around her right arm that says student council president instead of the standard uniform which is a white blazer or a black multi purpose combat suit.

I have seen her before a couple of times during assemblies but it's my first time seeing the student council president up close.

As I recall, she's in her third year according to gramps.

Behind the student council president is a bunch of students wearing a black multi purpose combat suit who are carrying a stun baton and a handgun.

The difference of their suit from the one I'm wearing is that, there is a green glowing letters on their right arm that spells "Prefect".

The student council orders the two to stand up.

"Quit lying there and get up you idiots!"

As soon as the two heard that, they quickly get up and stand straight.

I guess they're scared of her.

The student council president talks to them.

"How embarrassing! Two third year students gangs up on a first year student and ends up getting their ass kicked instead. I wonder what the whole school will think about that or would you like three weeks of detention and community service? I give you three seconds to decide which one you want."

She starts her count down.


"Wait wait! It wasn't our fault!"


"He-he started it!"



"Times up!"

The student council president approach the two.

After she approach them, she whispers to them with a smile on her face.

"Since you two idiots can't decide for yourself, then I will decide for you. I'm sure you will enjo


"Wait! Hold up pres!"

"Please, call me Queen."


"That's my first name."

(Note: The student council president's name is Queen Avalanche.)

"Right... Anyway, why am I in the infiltration team and why was I made leader on top of that?"

"It's because you have potential."

"If you're talking about potential, Ace will fit the picture as leader better. Besides, she came from a family of assassins."

"Hey! How did you know that?"

(Vol.2 Chapter 2 part A)

I ignore Ace and continue.

"So I think Ace should be the leader."

"Don't ignore me and answer me!" (Ace)

"Logically speaking, Spades would fit better as the leader of the infiltration team since she's calm and have a lot of experience but I wan't you to be the leader."


"Because I'm interested in you."

Suddenly, I felt a murderous intent around me.

"Now that's settled! You better do a good job so that you'll become more popular with the ladies!"

Suddenly, she approach me from my right side and whispers to my ear.

"And maybe I might even fall for you."

I'm not sure if I should be flustered or scared since the murderous intent that I felt earlier became a lot stronger.

After that, she backs away and slaps my back before I could even react.


My barrier is reduced to 99%.

"Don't disappoint me now!"

After that, she walks away and left me to deal with these "bad asses".

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