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   Chapter 48 NO.48

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I'm on front of the vending machine thinking deeply on what to pick as my lunch.

The reason why I'm having a hard time picking on what to buy, it is because that everything that this vending machine has to offer are health junks.

Even the potato chips in this machine is baked, unsalted and has no preservatives which means no taste.

In other words, everything in this vending machine is tasteless.

What the hell!

Is there anything in this thing that isn't tasteless?

At least a fudge bar would do!

Damn it! I probably have better luck at the convenience store if it's even open.

"Hey hey! What's up mega playboy! Are you lost?"

"It's dangerous around here you know? Dangerous people might mess with you. You know, people like us!"

I turn towards the direction on where the voice is coming from and saw a bunch of three boys who seems to be older than me.

Two of them looks like a bunch of your typical everyday punks you see roaming around the streets while the other one looks normal but wary for some reason.

Since I'm not in the mood to deal with these goons, I ignored them and went back to what I was doing.

"Hey! Don't you ignore us!"

As one of the goons shouted.

I turn back towards them and ask.

"What do you guys want?"

"What do you guys want?? Is that how you talk to your upperclassmen? Where's the respect?"

As the guy at the right said exaggeratedly.

The guy at the left makes a support statement while pounding his hand with his fist like what a typical street punk do to threaten someone.

"Maybe we should go a head and teach him a lesson"

Pound* Pound*

"Now that's a good idea!"

As the guy and the left said arrogantly.

The normal looking guy in the middle who is few steps behind the two tries to stop them.

"Hold on you two! This is the prinicipal's grandson we're talking about here. He's untouchable! Who knows what punishment awaits us if we mess with him!"

"Don't be such a lame ass Barit"

"Yeah Barit! If you're not with us, then step back!"

And the two refuted him.

The normal looking guy in the middle raises his hands as a sign of giving up.

"Alright! Alright! Don'

w about this!

I try to take him by surprise by quickly approaching him and execute a compressed air punch.

Pak* Woosh*

But before was able to land a hit on his face, he sways my hand with his left which made me end up punching the air.

"The same trick won't work on me twice!"

As he said confidently.

After that he grabs both of my hands and locks it with his arm while hugging me.

Then he shouts.


Soon after, I hear gun shots.

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

I felt a mild shock on my sides.

I'm pretty sure the other guy is shooting me right now.

Voom* Tsk*

And now he stabs me with his plasma saber.

Dammit! At this rate, I'll get my ass kicked.

I covered my whole body with electricity out of desperation.

While shouting...

"Back the hell off!"


The guy who's restraining my movements got startled and let go of me.

I can't let this chance slip!

I quickly execute a light jab on his stomach with some shock treatment, hit his head with my right elbow, grab his arms, forcefully turn him towards the other person and execute a strong push with my palm while releasing his arm at the same time..

Bzzzt* Bam* Wam*

The guy flew towards the other guy which knocked them both down.

After that, I quickly run towards them and execute a downward thrust with compressed air but before I was able to hit them, I heard someone shouting which made me stop.

"That's enough!"

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