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   Chapter 47 NO.47

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Silvertech Space Station 15 security room...

A man with wavy red hair and emerald colored eyes who's wearing a black fancy outfit enters the room casually and greets everyone sarcastically.

"Hi guys! I hope you don't mind me crashing the party!"

One of the "security personnel" who was intently watching the mock war, quickly stood up out of being startled.

He turn towards the man with wavy red hair and ask who he was.

"Who the hell are you!?"

"Me? I'm just a random bystander who who wants to join in the party."

As the man with wavy red hair said sarcastically.

"I ask you once more, who the hell are you!?"

As the "security personnel" said furiously while drawing his hand gun and points it at him.

The other "security personnel" stood up and point their guns at him as well.

The man with wavy red hair starts lecturing them.

"You know, it's not nice to talk to your elders like that. Then again, you guys look older than me."

"If you don't tell me who you are and what you're doing here, I will shoot!"

As the "security personnel" threaten him while slightly squeezing the trigger.

The man with wavy red hair ignore his threat and continues lecturing.

"So anyways, I didn't know students from the Rising Phoenix Academy are a bunch of lousy cheaters. It's not nice to cheat you know! Don't you feel sorry for your opponents?"

The three students of the Rising Phoenix Academy didn't say a word to him and just glare at him.

The man with wavy red hair ignores their glares and slowly walk towards the student who stood up first and ask him questions while lecturing them.

"Then again, at war, there are no rules. But since you guys are just bunch of students and this not a real war, then I suppose you can't cheat after all."

As he was near the student who pointed his gun at him first, he hold the barrel of his gun with his left hand and gently point it at his forehead.

"Aren't you going to shoot?"

As the man with wavy red hair asked with a smile on his face like he was taunting him.

The "security personnel got agitated and pulls the trigger.

Bang* Boosh*

Before the bullet was able to reach his forehead, the man with wavy red hair set his whole body on fire us

answers him.

"Feel free till you are satisfied."


Luke sits on the chair on front of the security screens while placing his feet on top of the table where the controls are.

The man wearing a business suit ignores his rude behavior and excuse himself.

"Now will you excuse me, I have job to attend to."

"Yeah yeah!"

As Luke said casually while waving his hand.

After that, the man wearing a business suit left the room.

While Luke was watching the mock war, he adjusted his feet and accidentally hits a switch.

Because of that, on of the screen changes it's location towards the insides of the Silver Wing Academy.

"Woah! I didn't think that this thing is linked to the Silver Wing Academy security cameras."

As he said to himself sarcastically.

"Now then, I wonder what does this button do."

As he said mischievously while kicking one of the switch.

Suddenly, the screen changes it's display into a particular place where it's quite dark with a vending machine in the middle.

On front of the vending machine is a boy with silver gray hair who's wearing a black multi purpose combat suit.

The boy seems to be in deep thought.

"Now now! What do we have here?"

As Luke said while kicking one of the switch.

The screen zooms in a little bit to the silver gray hair boy.

Suddenly, three boys who looks a bit older then the boy with silver gray hair approaches him.

"Now this looks interesting."

As Luke said while grinning.

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