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   Chapter 45 NO.45

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Silver Wing Academy Central...

"Don't let them get near the prinicipal!"


Pepepepew* Pepepeepew* Booosh* Boom* Boosh* Boom* Voom* Voom* Bzzzt* Bzzzt* Shshshsshshh* Pepepepew* Voom* ...

A fierce battle is going on the unmoving escalator that leads to the third floor between the Silver Wing Academy students and the Rising Phoenix Academy students.

Pepepepew* Pepepeepew* Booosh* Boom* Boosh* Boom* Voom* Voom* Bzzzt* Bzzzt* Shshshsshshh* Pepepepew* Voom* ...

No matter how many times the Silver Wing Academy students defeat the wave of Phoenix Academy students, more horde of students keeps on coming in.

One of the fourth year students which is a muscullar tall man who's weilding a Gun Saber can't help but to complain.

(Note: The Gun Saber is the weapon that Mathias used at vol.1 chapter 4)

"Damn they're like cockroaches!"

After that, he swings his Gun Saber which turns it into a gun and shoots one the approaching enemies.


Several students got hit by the shot and were knocked backwards.

After they were knocked backwards, the horde of students who were behind them comes rushing in like a bunch of lifless soldiers who don't care about they're fallen comrades.

A girl who's a third year student weilding a MBP 16 synthesize an airball and lunches it towards the hordes of students.

Pak* Woosh*

As soon as the the air ball hits the enemies, it exploded and send them flying off the escalator at different directions.

As the enemies fly off the escalator, another horde of enemies comes rushing in.

As the girl saw this, she speaks to herslef.

"Is this the rumoured "Pawn strategy?".

A fifth year glasses wearing male student jumps on front of the horde and executes a wide slash with a gust of wind using his purple colored plasma blade which created an air wave that sends the horde of enemies flying backwards after that.

Voom* Tssssk* Woosh*

After that, he comments on what the third year girl said in a cool manner.

""Pawn strategy" huh... I see... That makes sense."

After the horde of enemies were wiped out another horde of enemies comes rushing in.

The glasses wearing fifth year student backs away from the horde and the tall and muscular fourth year student jumps in and executes a downward slash while the blade of his Gun Saber is being envolop by electricity.

Crackle* Vooom* Tsk* Bushzzzzz*

An electric shock wave blows the horde away.

After that, the tall muscular fourth year student ask a question.

"Pawn str

demy students but they're are in shier numbers compared to the latter. At this point of battle, it is hard to determine which side triumphs over the other. Back to you John!"

1st floor Dormitory Area entrance...

Three Silver Wing Academy male students are idly chatting with one another while walking slowly.

These three students are in their third year.

"Hey! Is it okay to ditch our post like that?" (Boy 1)

"We're not ditching, we're taking a break. And besides, no one will go to our post anyway unless they have a stomach ache." (Boy 2)

"Shouldn't we guard it more? That's where the first and second years are after all." (Boy 3)

"Relax you two! Where just having a quick bite at the vending machine. We'll be back in no time." (Boy 2)

"If you wanna have a quick bite, we could do it in the infirmary." (Boy 1)

"Yeah right! Who want's to eat in the infirmary anyways? It reeks!" (Boy 2)

While they are quite far away from the vending machine, the trio noticed a boy with silver gray hair standing on front of it.

The silver gray hair boy seems to be in the middle of choosing on what to eat.

"Hey! Isn't that the rumoured mega play boy berserker who's the pricipal's grandson?" (Boy 2)

"That untouchable bastard!" (Boy 1)

"Hey! Hey! What's up with you?" (Boy 2)

"This is our chance to teach him a lesson!" (Boy 3)

"I-I don't think that's a good idea..." (Boy 2)

"Let's get him!" (Boy 1)

"Let's all calm down and be rational here!" (Boy 2)

"Yeah! Lets!" (Boy 3)

The two boys walk towards Linel leaving the other boy behind.

"HEY! YOU Two- Ah! What the hell!" The other boy who was left behind follows in pursuit.

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