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   Chapter 44 NO.44

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The Silver Wing Academy makes a stop by at a nearby space station along with the Rising Phoenix Academy in case things get ugly and both schools needed repairs.

I heard gramps went over to the Rising Phoenix Academy in order to give a courtesy speech just like what that jack ass did earlier.

I hope the students over there pissed their pants because of gramps scary general aura.

So anway, here we are all lined up at the space station's event hall like a bunch of army men.

Adjacent to us is the the students of the Rising Pheonix Academy who's wearing a red combat suit.

It was no joke when that jack ass said that his students are seperated by their abilities since their red combat suit has different designs unlike ours which is unified.

Not only that, students who has the same combat suit design are group together unlike us who are group together according to our class and year.

Not to mention that the students from the Rising Pheonix Academy are all tall, bulky and bald including the girls.

They don't even look like the same age as us and they all wear an overly exagerrated serious face like those soldiers in a military movie who's role are background characters.

If it wasn't for that damn courtesy speech, I would have felt sorry for them.

Anyway, gramps and that jack ass are up on the stage together with a man in a bussiness suit who currenlty manage this place and who's also my distant relative.

The reason why I know he's a distant relative, it is because I saw him a couple of times during our reunion party.

Not only that, this space station actually belongs to the Silvertech company and Silvertech only get relatives as head honchos.

I wonder if that man recognizes me?

I doubt he could see me though because of the crowd and all.

So anway, my distant relative hands them out a tablet each along with a stylus for the contract signing.

I'm not really sure what's that for but I bet it's insurance for the damages since this place will also serve as a battlefield.

After gramps and the jack ass signed the contract, they both return the tablets and stylus to my distant relative.

My distant relative gives them a bow like a butler and leaves the stage.

Gramps and the jack ass stares at each other for a bit like a boxer before a match.

Gramps stares at him with serious look while the jack ass stares at gramps with an arrogant grin which to tends to annoy me.

The jack ass said something like he was provoking gramps before leaving the stage.

I don't know what he said since I'm quite far away from the stage let al


The floor strangely smells like vanilla...


And now I'm hungry...


Step* Step* Step*...

I saw a girl with long red twin tail walk pass me.

Was that Wren?

If so, what the hell!

I slowly got back up and see that Clarissa is still flush red while spacing out.

Also my sides hurts like hell.


I really need to get some grub.

So I decided to leave Clarissa alone for now and go towards the other pairs to see if they still have some lunch boxes to spare.

Sadly, none of them have any lunch boxes which makes me quite in a pickle.

So, should I ask Louise to deliver some lunch for me?

Louise should be at gramps office but she'll probably take her long time to go deliver since there's mock war going on and all and the objective of the mock war is "Which side reaches the Commader (the principal) first wins."

You also get a chance to beat the crap out of them.

I doubt any student can beat gramps though and they're asses will get kick instead.

But I seriously want to beat that jack ass who calls himself prinicipal.

So anyway, the best way for me to grab some lunch is either go to the convenience store or a vending machine.

Since I'm already wearing a multi purpose combat suit, I could go out without a care even if someone attacks me.

So I walk towards the exit steathly and quickly step out of the door before anyone noticing.

As I step out of the door, I talk to myself.

Good thing that there's no one gaurding outside.

"Now then, as I recall, the closest vending machine should be at the entrance of the dormitory area."

(Few minutes after Linel left.)

"B-bat Man! Would you like to hang out with me later?"


"Bat Man?"

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