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   Chapter 43 NO.43

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Through a little bit of interrogation which I learned at General Studies, I was able to find out why Lokki and Zack where using my bathroom.

The story is that their bathroom is under repairs due to some stupid reason which I don't want to talk about and went to my room to find me and ask if they could use my bathroom.

As they were about to knock on my door, they noticed that it wasn't locked so they just went in and use my bathroom anyways.

There's a ton of stuff I want to complain about like why the hell are they taking a shower together or why the hell did they not asked Roc or Mathias if they could use their bathroom and many more.

I did try to complain but they refuted me by saying that my door is unlocked which means that anyone is welcome to go in.

The reason why my door is unlocked, it is so that Louise could go in my room and do some cleaning.

Who knew that they have some stupid saying like this here so it is better if I just keep my door locked.

Maybe I should give Louise a spare key or something.

So anyway, today's P.E lesson is well...

Running laps around gymnasium one backwards...

Damn it! No one was late!

What the hell!

Bang* Bang* Bang*

Mr. Rogers starts firing rubber bullets at us while yelling....


Bang* Bang* Bang*

This teacher is definitely a sadist.

At least he has no discrimination whether if we're a boy a girl.

Even the goody good Aeris who have done pratically nothing wrong is being shot at.

Also her royal highness Wren is being shot at who's some what calm.

Now that's strange.

I'm pretty much sure Wren is the type to get annoyed easily.

While I was thinking to myself while trying not to trip over and recieve Mr. Rogers barrage of bullets, Mathias talks to me in a serious tone of voice.

"Did you do it?"

"What exactly?"

As I responded.

Mathias repeats himeself.

"Did you do it with Zack and Lokki?"

"Do what exactly?"

As I asked him to clarify.

"An activity that crosses the bridge between friends and lovers."

This is getting annoying so I went straight to the point.

"Spit it out already!"

"Did you, Zack and Lokki make-"

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

Before Mathias could finish his sentence, Mr. Ro


Alright! This jack ass just entered my crap list.

"You call yourself cadets? Ha! You don't even look like one! I bet none of you could even fire a handgun without using laser sights!"

I look towards Ms. Leane to see her reaction about that guy's remark on us firing a gun and she looks really pissed.

Ms. Diana who's beside her tries to calm her down.

"All of you are brainwave users? Ha! That's not even worth bragging about! In fact, since all of you are brainwave users, I bet there's no balance in your teamwork. No strategy at all! Unlike my school, everyone is seperated depending on their abilities."

(Note: One of the requirements in order to enroll in the Silver Wing Academy is that you have to be a brainwave user.)

In otherwords, his school is a dystopia.

I'm glad that I was enrolled here and not there.

"Now that all said, I would like to thank you "Mr. Principal" for giving us this opportunity to crush all of you and put you in your place. Now, would you excuse me? I'll be preparing my troops for war."

The jack ass moves away from the podium and exits the auditorium with a grin on his face.

Gramps went back towards the podium and ask all a question.

"Are you all intimidated?"

All of us are all speechless of gramps sudden question and what just happened.

Gramps reapeats himself.

"Are you all intimidated?"

Everyone responds...


Gramps looks satisfy with our response after hearing our response.

Then he speaks...

"Good! Now bring them hell!"

Now that's what I'm talking about!

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