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   Chapter 42 NO.42

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(Sorry for the late update. This cabbage alien caught a cold do to sudden climate change. Because of that, I'm gonna take over the world by planting some cabbages!)


Every morning, a stupid siren would wake us up randomly and make us run around like were crazy.

Even though I've been here for five months, I can't really get used to it mostly because I'm not a morning person.

If only they make a timely schedule for the morning drill, I would have plan my sleep so I wouldn't feel this cranky.

Since today's morning drill was around 5 am, I decided to have a quick breakfast at the cafeteria 1 before heading back to my room to take a shower and prepare for school.

By the way, classes starts at 7 am which is ridiculously early.

My previous schools starts at 8:30.

Not to mention, today's first period is P.E. and Mr. Rogers will give us a one hell of a punishment if were late.

Last time, he made Maple and Lokki run a hundred laps around gymnasium 1 backwards because of being late.

Though I found that hilarious, I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

Anyway, after a little chat with Clarissa, I went to an empty table and eat my breakfast which is a small bowl of green soup, a plate of black croissant, a plate of gloden sunny side up with an orange yolk, a straw bananan and a cup of blue cherry tea.

Although my brealfast kinda looks deadly, the taste is pretty much fantastic and it's healthy too.

So I heard.

While I was eating, my mind suddenly wonders off somwhere on a subject which I'm curious for quite some time now.

I wonder, how does Clarissa manage her time being a working student in this crazy school?

Not to mention, I don't even know the reason why she's a working student in the first place.

If I ask her though, she'll probably answer me.

Maybe I should ask her someday when I feel like it.

Or she'll probably tell me on her own.

Either way would do.


While I was in deep thought while eating my breakfast, a girl with brown pony tail hair and brown eyes who's wearing a green jersey slams her tray of food on the table and seats on front of me which brought me back to reality.

After that, she greets me casually.

"Yo first year! Mind if I sit here?"

This girl is Feini, an upper classmen and Clarissa's best friend.

I refute her.

"Aren't you already sitting?"

"So that's a yes?"

As she answer me cheerfully while tilting her head.

Since I'm not in the mood to start a random arguement so I just let her do whatever she wants.



up, I called Kana.

Ring* Ring*...


"Do you still have that armor piercing stun gun with you?" (Vol. 1 Chapter 3 part B)

"That will be one hundred credits."

"Yeah yeah... Just bring it to me. I'm currently in my room."

"Pleasure doing bussiness with you."

Toot* Toot*

After Kana hanged up, I recieved a request for 100 credits.

I didn't hesitate to press the accept icon.

After few seconds...

Clank* Clank*

I heard a knock on my door.

That must be Kana.

I open the door and saw that my guess is right.

Kana who's wearing a yellow PJ's hands me the stun gun and a pamphlet.

I recieve those two items and thank her for it.


She didn't say anything back and just walk away.

I close the door and took a glimpse of the pamphlet she gave me which is actually an advertisement of shady products before putting it on my desk.

After that, I stick the stun gun at my bathroom door and turned it on.



"Duuuuuuuuuude! Thaaaaaat tiiiiiickles!"

Thud* Thud*

If your wondering what I just did, I tazed Lokki and Zack who're taking a shower in my bathroom without my permission using the law of physics.

How did I do that?

I use the moisture of the air that is created by the steam of the hot water which is a great conductor of elecrticity and taze them without going inside using the armor piecing stun gun.

If I went inside and did that, I'll also be tazed

Now then, time to call Louise to get rid of those two.

Lately, I've been relying on her a lot for clean up duty than the other maidbots.

Well gramps did tell me to use Louise like she's my own so I took him up on his offer.

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