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   Chapter 40 NO.40

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Kana lead the group towards the place on where we found the crystallize oxygen.

Well she's just doing what I want to do but somehow I couldn't really figure out on why would Kana compromise.

"I have some business here."

And Kana answered me.

I couldn't help but ask...

"Which is?


And she answered me.

Since I'm still curious, I ask about that also.

"Research for what?"

"That's a secret."


Looks like she doesn't want to tell me what is.

So anyway, we walk pass the crystallize oxygen that we extracted from earlier and venture into a place full of glowing crystals that shape like deformed trees which makes us look like we're in a crystal forest.

Crystal forest...

That sounds catchy.

Since it's catchy, I decided to tell everyone.

"Hey everyone, why not we call this place crystal forest?"

Kana answers me.

"Call it whatever you want."


"I'm cool with that." (Lokki)


"Dude! Same here!" (Lokki)


"I wanna call this place poopy forest!" (Maple)


"Have mercy man! Stop talking about crap!" (Roc)


"Poopy poopy poop..." (Maple)


"Aaaaaaaargh!!" (Roc)

Looks likes Roc is going to break.


"That's not a bad name so why not." (Ace)


"Crystal forest is a good name Linel." (Aeris)


"Whatever you say my dear, I'm with you." (Mathias)


"Nobody cares what you call it weirdo!" (Wren)

Since I got everyone's approval, I'll be calling this place crystal forest then.

So we venture into the crystal forest.

While we are venturing, Maple controls the wavebot to slap the back of Zack and Lokki's wavebot.


"Bwahahahah! Tag you're it!" (Maple)

After that, Roc and Maple's wavebot runs away.


"Why you!"

As Lokki responded and chases after them.


"Go get her dude! You can do it dude!"

And Zack cheers for Lokki.


"A game a of tag in a place like this huh... That will be interesting."

As Ace said in a cool manner.


"I'm no't sure about that Ace. This place seems to be full of obstacle. We might have an accident if we play tag here."

As Aeris said in a worried manner.


"That's the point. Now go bump Lokki and Zack."

As Ace said in a cool manner.


"I don't know if that's a good idea." (Aeris)


"Switch with me then." (Ace)


"Alright then... Please excuse me." (Aeris)


I'm not sure what's going on in there but the green colored hatch of Ace and Aeris' stops glowing.

After few seconds, the hatch glows which means that the wavebot is ac

e few more minutes."


Since I don't really have the right to complain because I'm not the pilot and Kana is been going along with what I want to do, I just silently stare at the wall while thinking about where will I have my lunch later.

There are two cafeterias in school which is hard to choose from since they both serve different types of food.

Cafeteria 1 serves hospital like food which actually tasty while cafeteria 2 serves cafe style food.

Not to mention the waitresses in cafeteria 2 are all cute but it takes awhile for the food too arrive.

Well I can always go to the convenience store if I couldn't decide on those two but I wouldn't be satisfied just eating some health junks.

So where should I have my lunch?

"So you have a fetish for waitresses. I'll be adding that to my database later."

Since I already know that my thought are being read, I just calmly explain myself.

"I don't really have a fetish, I just think that they're cute."

"I see."

I'm not sure if she get all that but who cares!

What's important right now which is...

"So anyway, are you done staring at the wall?"


"So can we go now?"

Going back before we end up being late.


Zit* Chug*

Kana didn't say anything and just turned the wavebot around.

Which means that's a yes.

I kinda understand how Kana interacts with me now.

Which is why I don't really get puzzled by her actions anymore.

Except for what she's doing with her cell phone.

I'm really curious about that.

"Someday, I'll show you."


"If you buy one of my products."

"Is that a bribe?"

"It's business."

Just hearing Kana say that reminds me of a mafia movie that I watched when I was a kid called "The God Mother".

So, We make our way back to the staring point while the other two who finally stop arguing and follows us in pursuit.

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