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   Chapter 39 NO.39

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I look towards the sky and was awestruck by the cool scenery.

The reason why I was awestruck, it is because I'm looking at a sky which half day and half night that has a slash of greenish sunset that resembles an aurora which is the divider.

Standing underneath the greenish sunset is Zack and Lokki's wavebot who's arms is spread out wide while waving up and down.

Zit* Zit* Zit* Zit* Zit*


"Check this out guys! I'm standing here between night and day! Isn't that so cool!"

As Lokki said through the intercom like a kid looking for some attention.


"Totally dude! It feels like we're in the Neo Titanic."

And Zack responded.

By the way, "Neo Titanic" is a movie about a ship that got hit by an asteroid...

And that movie is a rip off version of the retro movie "Titanic" from earth.


"Uh Zack? That movie was shot in outers pace and this currently not outer space." (Lokki)


"Really dude? I thought was all CG?" (Zack)


"CG!? The graphics looks too realistic to be CG!" (Lokki)


"I dunno dude! That's what my bro said." (Zack)


"You have a brother?" (Lokki)


"Yeah dude! He's the leading actor of the Neo Titanic!" (Zack)


"Wait a minute! Cloud Sky is your brother??" (Lokki)


"Yeah dude!" (Zack)


"If he's your brother than why is it that you two have different surnames?" (Lokki)


"Dude! Because my parents got divorce when I was little and he end up with my mom." (Zack)


"Sorry I ask..." (Lokki)


"No worries dude!" (Zack)

I wish they would not use the intercom when they're talking to each other so that they won't leak some sensitive information that will make things really awkward.

Anyway, if you're wondering what we're all doing right now, we're actually waiting to take turns on extracting the crystalize oxygen that we found standing alone in this area.

And how we were able to find it?

We stumble upon this area on our search and saw a glowing bluish crystal at the night time side.

The one who pointed out was actually me and we approach it to see if that's the one.

We we're able to confirm that it's a genuine crystalize oxygen by comparing to the ones that uncle Huck gave us and it with some few test to see if it actually glows in the dark.

So anyway, the one who's currentl

Hey! We're you guys going!"

Maple called out to us.

Kana answers her.



"Exploring? I LOVE EXPLORING! Count me in! Count me in!"

As she said like a hyper active little kid.

I answer Maple.

"Well you can tag along, but first, let's ask Roc."

Then I ask Roc.

"So Roc, are you in?"


"Whatever man..."

And Roc answered me like he was worn out.

I'm curious on why he's worn out so I ask about it.

"Is there something wrong Roc? You seemed really worn out.


"Hell yeah I'm worn out! I've been listening to Maple's random crap for hours and hell she even invented a song about crap!"

Sucks to be Roc.


"Do you want to hear my song about poop? It goes like this. Poopy poopy poop-"

"No thanks."

Before we all end up like Roc, I interrupted her.


"Okie!" (Maple)

Glad to know I saved the day.


"Hey guys! Don't go exploring without us!" (Lokki)


"Dude! What he said!" (Zack)

So Zack and Lokki are coming.


"Mind if we join you?" (Ace)

So Ace and Aeris are coming as well.


"My dear, where ever you go, I would go." (Mathias)

Great to know that I have a stalker.


"Who told you that you can decide with out asking me first!" (Wren)


"But Wren darling, you wanted to come along since you don't want my dear to be-"



And these two are coming as well.

Now, that's settled, class 2's planetoid exploration begins.

Chug* Chug* Chug* Chug*

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