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   Chapter 38 NO.38

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Everyone started dispersing into different directions.


"Oh! I almost forgot!" (Huck)

Then we all stop moving.

Uncle Huck continues...

"This activity is not done by pairs but by class. So if one of you fail to bring one crystallize oxygen, then you all fail."

Now he tells us.

Since that's settled, we start moving again.


"And also..." (Huck)

And we stop moving...

What now?

"If you guys let the others do the work for you, you're class will receive corporal punishment."

Great! So no lazy asses.

Anyway, since that's done, we start moving again.


"And incase you're all wondering..." (Huck)

And we stop again...

This is getting annoying.

"There will be a repairbot watching all of you so don't think you can be lazy and not me finding out about it. I got my eyes on you."



"What are you all standing there for? Move!" (Huck)

And he's the angry one?

Anyway, we dispersed into different directions.

Although this is a class activity, we can't help each other out so there's really no point in doing it together.

That all said...

Here we are, class 2, sticking to each other like glue, in this place full of giant crystals with different colors but blue.

I say, this place is really beautiful.

It's so beautiful that it feels like we're in a fantasy land but too bad we don't have time to enjoy it yet.

Maybe I should go and suggest to Kana that we should explore later.

Or maybe not s

to the general public is illegal.


"Um... Uh... I... Ah..." (Huck)


"That's it for natural synthesis. So everyone, good luck with your activity!"

And the lecture ends.

Since there's nothing here, I tell everyone what to do.

"Hey everyone! I don't think that there's any crystallize oxygen in this area so let's look somewhere else.

"I agree."

And Kana backs me up.

The rest follows...


"Yeah! Let's do that!" (Lokki)


"Okay dude!" (Zack)

"Yes my dear." (Mathias)


"Who died and made you leader weirdo?" (Wren)

Since I'm already used to Wren, I didn't get offended by her response and just simply ignore her.


"I agree as well Linel." (Aeris)


"Ditto." (Ace)


"I'm with you man!" (Roc)


"Aye aye captain!" (Maple)

Now that's all settled, we move towards a different area hoping that we'll be able to find what we're looking for.

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