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   Chapter 37 NO.37

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That hatch of the docking port is open which gives us a stunning view of a gray colored planetoid with lots of twinkling dots that resembles glitters in the middle of outer space.

Just seeing that makes me really excited to the point that I want to jump right into it.

"If you do that, you will fall flat to the ground and die."

Way to go for the buzz kill Kana...

"I'm just being realistic.



My thoughts are being broadcast isn't it?

"Every word."

Damn it! I keep on forgetting about that.

"Becareful what you think other wise, I will zap you."

And how will you do that when you're in the middle of controlling the wavebot?

"I have my ways."

I suddenly heard a sparking sound near me.

Bzzzt* Bzzzt*

How did you...

"Don't ask or else-"

You'll zap me right?


Fine... I won't ask and I'll try to keep my mouth- no, my thoughts shut.




And there was silence

This is making me feel awkward.

"Sorry to hear that."

Damn it! Again!


Bzzzt* Bzzzt*



"On the count of three, everyone will jump out of here and fly towards the planetoid. So before we do, does anyone have a question?"

As uncle Huck said through the intercom.


"Dude! When do we start?"

Zack and his dumb question.


"What do you mean when do we start!?" (Huck)


"Dude! I was asking if we're going to start jumping out on three or on go." (Huck)


"Who's ever Zack's pair, do me a favor and shut him up."


"Yes sir! Hey Zack! Shut up!" (Lokki)


"Okay dude!"


"And also... If he's the pilot, switch with him." (Huck)


"I'm on it! Hey Zack! You heard him! Switch with me." (Lokki)


"Alright dude..." (Zack)


"Sigh* Just tell me when you two are ready..." (Huck)

After few minutes...


"We're ready!" (Lokki)


"Finally! I mean- Ehem! On my mark!."

On my mark?


Kana adjust the angle of the wavebot slowly by using the thrusters.


After few seconds, we are now in an upright position.

Reason why I know that, it is because that my bangs isn't sticking to the windshield of my helmet anymore.

In other words, we were upside down earlier and now we're not.

Kana suddenly speaks.

"Full thrusters."

And I react.

"Does that mean a ton of heat energy?"


I see...

I concentrated and imagine the molecules shaking crazier than before like they're on drugs.

Soon after, the thrusters becomes more powerful.


Slowly, the scenery changes before me.

The orange color is slowly disappearing.

After the orange color disappeared, everything change into mixtures of colors.

It kinda looks like the result of mixing soap and milk together.

Is this the color of the sky.

I say that it's really awesome!

It's like a whole new world.

Or maybe it is a whole new world since this is a planetoid and all.

"That's enough."

"You mean that's enough thruster power?"



Somehow, I'm beginning to understand Kana's way of speaking.

I stop concentrating and the thrusters suddenly weakens.


After that, we slowly descend towards the surface where the others are.

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