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   Chapter 33 NO.33

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It's finally the last period which is Combat Simulation and boy am I excited!

Reason why am I excited?

Because there are five wavebots standing on front of us right now.

This will be my first time riding one.

Well last time uncle Huck taught us how to use one but at that time, I never really got a chance to actually use it let alone get inside since there was only one wavebot and my classmates sure took their time using it especially Maple who chased us around the Arena.

By the time it was my turn, the bell rang.

Not to mention that the next day's lesson is all about how to make a useful weapon out of sticks and stones.

Just remembering that made me feel like a caveman.

So today, I'll finally get my chance.


By the way, I just noticed something.

How come most of our lessons today is all about wavebots or anything related to them?

Is it because today is Mech day?

(Note: Mech day is a universal holiday which celebrates the appreciation of robotics.)

Anyway, uncle Huck who is between us and the wavebots have finished explaining what we're going to do.

I didn't listen to his explanation since it's quite obvious.

If you don't what is then let me do the honors of giving you some hints.

There are five wavebots and ten of us.

Each wavebot needs two people to operate it properly.

And all of us are amateurs except for one person.

You know who that is. (Chapter 12 part D)

Anyway, why am I playing a guessing game with myself?

It must be because I ate too much blue cherry candy.

As they say "eating too much blue cherry candy makes you crazy".

Or maybe I'm the only one who says that since it always happens to Luna.

"Now the pairing is done..."

What pairing?

"Hurry up and get you ass in there pronto!"

Uncle Huck moves his head diagonally as he said "in there".

Everyone disperses and head towards the wavebots in pairs.

As for me, I'm standing here like an idiot while looking around to see who's my pair.

Luckily, I was able to find my pair before uncle Huck starts screaming at me military style.

He's kinda scary when he does that.

I quickly walk towards my pair which is Kana who's alone heading towards the wavebot at the right most end.

As we we're near the wavebot, Kana stops walking all of a sudden which m

or another time and try moving the wavebot."

Someone seems to be a little bit pushy.

"I'm not being pushy, I'm just being time wise."

Wait a minute!

Did she just read my mind?

"Your thoughts are being broadcast through the brain terminal. So be careful what you think otherwise I will zap you."

Bzzzt* Bzzzt*


"I'll take that as a compliment."

Oh crap! I forgot my thoughts are being broadcast.

"Exactly. Now move."

Alright! Alright! Ms. Pushy!

"Like I said, I'm not being pushy, I'm being time wise. If you don't understand that, I might as well zap you."

Bzzzt* Bzzzt*

Fine! Fine! I'll do it! Please don't zap me!

"My patience is starting to run out."

Okay! Okay! I'll move it! I'll move it! Sheesh!




So... How do I move this thing?

"The same way you move your arms and legs."

The same way you move your arms and legs huh...

Even though I don't know how that works, I have a general idea on how to do it.

"Stop thinking and start moving."


I try moving the wavebot through the method that Kana has told me.


I slowly move the wavebots right hand towards my face.

The face would most probably be the wavebot's head...

Or not since wavebots have no head.

After that, I tried moving the fingers repeatedly.


It's... It's... It's alive!

"Now try walking."

Good job on ruining the moment.

"I'll take that as a compliment."

I didn't bother retorting to Kana's remarks because she might zap me if I did.

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