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   Chapter 32 NO.32

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After some harsh exercise during Melee training, we went back to our classroom for the seventh period which is General Studies.

As we entered our classroom, we noticed that the strange chairs are gone and what replace them is our desks.

In other words, our room has now returned back to normal.

I wonder how did Madam Aura pull that off in just an hour.

Brainwave manipulation maybe?


I don't think she'll go to all that trouble just to move all those chairs so she must have ordered a lot of maidbots to do the clean up duty.

Anyway all of us went to our seats and wait for Ms. Diana to arrive.

After few minutes of waiting, she arrives.

"I'm sorry class for being late. I was doing some very important paper works. So without further a due, let us start with today's lecture."

After she said all that, Ms. Diana lightly taps on her desk and all the lights in the classroom are turned off.

Since I'm really exhausted, the atmosphere is making me sleepy.

I tried pinching my right arm to wake myself up and sadly it wasn't effective.

So I pop some blue cherry candy in my mouth and it did the trick.

Now I'm wide awake.

Good thing blue cherry has an energizing effect.

Otherwise, I'll be out cold right now.

Anyway, Ms. Diana lightly taps on her desk again and the touch screen blackboard lits up.

After it lit up, the words "Mech War" appeared on the touch screen blackboard.

As I read those words, I thought to myself that it sound kinda cool.

Ms. Diana lightly taps on her desk again and a CG video of a bunch of Mechanoid Armor with big ass guns shooting at each other in outer space is being displayed.

Pshoooh* Pshooooh* Ratatata* Ratatata* Whistle* Boom*

After fifteen seconds, the video stops playing.

Ms. Diana always puts so much effort in her presentations.

Anyway, Ms. Diana starts talking in a calm a

irst war that uses Mechanoid Armor as weapons. That is the reason why the historians called it the "Mech War". "

Ms Diana lightly taps on her desk which changes the touch screen blackboard's display into the a picture of a bunch of war fleet in outer space with the logo of the S.M.F on the top center.

"The Mech War lasted for three years until the Universal Treaty President Vaul Fior Swartz ordered the S.M.F to interfere and act as a deterrent.

The reason why President Swartz didn't ordered the S.M.F to interfere right away because he was waiting for the massive supplies of combat ready Mechanoid Armor and flag ships from the Silvertech company who's also the leading Technological and Weapons Manufacturer that time in order to out gun the two forces."

Great to know that my ancestors contributed to galactic peace.

"The two forces treated the S.M.F as an enemy and turned their hostility towards them.

Eventually the S.M.F was able to force them to submission by annihilating one third of their forces each. Thus the Mech War has come to an end."

Ms. Diana turned the lights back on and shuts down the touch screen blackboard.

After that, she looks at us with her gentle smile and said...

"Now! For today's pop quiz..."

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