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   Chapter 31 NO.31

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After eating some heavy lunch at the cafeteria, I went straight to my classroom just before the bell rang.

As I entered, I notice that all our desk and chairs were replaced by a strange looking chair.

The strange looking chair looks exactly like a black massage chair.

At each end of the arm rest is a metallic orb.

Sitting on top of the chairs is a VR headset.

This chair looks kinda familiar.

Now where have I seen this before.

Zack who just arrived expresses his thoughts on this matter.

"Woah dude! Are we gonna watch a movie?"

Lokki who also newly arrived, reacts to what Zack have said.

"No Zack, we're gonna play a game! It's quite obvious with that VR headset over there."

"Dude! A game? Awesome dude!"

And Zack reacted positively.

I give them my thoughts.

"I don't think Madam Aura is the type to make us play a game for the sake of improving our brainwaves."

Lokki reacts...

"You never know! It's Madam Aura we're talking about here!"

"Well that's true but do you think that Madam Aura is crazy enough to make us play a game?"

"Yeah!" (Lokki)

"Totally dude!" (Zack)

I kinda expected that reaction.

Roc who has newly arrived reacts to the strange chairs.

"What the hell man!? Are we gonna watch a movie?"

"Did someone say movie? I LOVE MOVIES!"

And Maple arrived as well.

Great! The four morons have now assembled.

Lokki explains to them what are the chairs for just like he did with Zack.

After he explained, the four morons started arguing on what kind of game that we're going to play.

Since I don't know how their brain works, I decided to ignore them and examine one of the chairs closely.

So I approach one of the chairs and start examining.

Let's see...

This chair really looks familiar.

I really can't shake that feeling off me.

I start touching the two metallic orbs with my hands.

I wonder what's this for?

I took out the VR headset that is sitting on the chair and wear it.

As I did, my vision turned blue.

Must be because of the color of the glass display.

Well it's not my first time wearing a VR headset since I have one for my Play Session 2000 but it's been a long time since I've worn one.

Around a year maybe?

Anyway, I sat on the chair while wearing the VR headset and it's quite cozy I say.

It almost as cozy as those chairs in a movie theatre.

After I sat on the chair, I place my hands on the arm rest...

Nothing happened...

So what now?

Am I suppose to touch this two orbs?

Might as well give it a try.

I place my two hands on top of the two orbs

aving a heart attack.

"Now for today's activity!"


"You are all going to place your hands on the brain terminal and insert your brainwaves."

Isn't the brain terminal the two orbs that you use to control a wavebot?

Now that I mention it, these two orbs over here looks just like it.

No wonder it looks familiar.

Wait insert your brainwaves?

As I remember correctly, those words are being displayed by the VR headset while I was checking the seats out earlier.

Madam Aura continues explaining.

"In order to insert your brainwaves into the brain terminal, you have to concentrate and imagine yourself as a bird descending towards a lake like what you all did earlier."

If I did that, I probably imagine myself being eaten alive by a crocodile again.

"Now you my all start!"

I place my hands on the brain terminal.

As I did, this appeared on the glass display...

System start...

Synchronization 0%...

Please insert brainwaves....

While a robotic voice is reading those words.

Time to concentrate and imagine myself as a bird again...

I hope I don't get eaten by a crocodile.

While I was in the middle of concentrating, an audio record of someone playing "Call of Rookie" is being played by the VR headset.

Ratatata* Ratatata* Fire in the hole!* Boom* First blood!* Ratatata* Click* Click* Slap* Chuchck* Ratatata* Ratatata* Headshot!* Ratatata*...

How the hell am I suppose to concentrate with this annoying crap?

"Don't mind the noise everyone! Just concentrate and focus on your activity."

Easier said than done!

Ratatata* Ratatata* Monster Kill!* Ratatata*...

No matter how much I concentrate, I cannot pass 10 % because of this damn noise!

God like!*

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