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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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Updated: 2018-01-15 19:58

It's been two weeks since that "incident" and things haven't change much for me...

Except for the part that people starts calling me champ or berserker instead of my real name.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot!

The four boys that I beat the crap out of, every time they see me, they tend to avoid me.

I don't pretty much give a crap about them since I don't know them in the first place.

Not to mention they challenge me to a fight for no reason.

So all is well that ends well!

Anyway, I better stop reminiscing and concentrate on professor Einstein's lecture.

For today's lecture is all about the history and evolution of wavebots.

Professor Einstein who is a technology fanatic, is being all hype up while explaining to us.

Professor Einstein slaps the 3D model of an old fashion looking black wavebot that is being displayed on the touch screen blackboard.


He slapped it so hard that it startled me and almost made me jump off my seat.

Well he always do that when he gets all excited but somehow I really can't get used to it.

"In the early development of wavebots, the pilot doesn't need to be a brainwave user in order to use one nor they don't need a supporter.

One person can single handedly pilot a wavebot on their own.

The reason why the pilot doesn't have to be a brainwave user it is because that brainwaves haven't been discovered yet.

Well the machine wasn't named wavebot back then but Mechanoid Armor and it doesn't use a brain terminal to operate it but two controllers similar to a joystick and a VR helmet."

Professor Einstein slaps the touch screen blackboard with his metallic stick again and the 3D model of and old fashion black wavebot change into a 3D model of a cockpit with a seat that has two arms with two black joysticks sticking out at each end.

On front of the driver's seat is a keyboard and sitting on top of the driver's seat is a strange looking helmet.

Professor Einstein points his metallic stick at the two black joy sticks.

"This is the controller. This device controls the movements of the Mechanoid Armor.

If you look closely at the controller, you would notice that there's a button and a trigger."

I look closely at the controller too see what professor Einstein is talking about.

The others did as well.

Professor Einstein zooms in the left controller so that we could have a better view.

After that, he points his metallic stick on the red button and explain what it is.

"This button over h

practically use including children."

He stops slapping the image.


"Well this Mechanoid Armor is use for entertainment purposes and is not use as a weapon of war until a certain incident.

You'll all probably study about that during your General Studies class so I won't go deep into that matter.

So before we proceed to the next generation of wavebots, does anyone have a question regarding the Mechanoid Armor?"

No one raises their hands including me.


I guess he wants someone to ask a question.

Well if we did ask, he will definitely go off topic like last time.


Take a hint already!

"Are you all sure?"

Yes we're all pretty sure!

"Are you all really sure?"

Is he begging?


We all look towards the person who said that.

It was Aeris.

Professor Einstein who looks happy for some reason calls out to her.

"Yes Aeris!"

Aeris stands up gently and ask a question in a polite manner.

"May I go to the restroom?"

Now that was unexpected!

I thought that Aeris felt sorry for him and decided to ask a question.

Professor Einstein who looks a bit disappointed answers her.

"Yes you may..."

After getting Professor Einstein's approval, Aeris politely excuse herself and left the room.

After Aeris left, Professor Einstein executes a horizontal slash from right to left on the touch screen blackboard using his metallic stick.

After he did that, the 3D model change into an improve version of the Mechanoid Armor.

"Now the Wavebot α! Fifty years after brainwaves were discovered the robotics engineers from the planet earth in the milky way galaxy decide to..."

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