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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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It's almost over.

As long as I beat this guy, it will be over.

I went straight towards uncle Huck and my last opponent which is another looking guy who are at the center of the battlefield while ignoring the commentators' announcement and the screams of the audience.

Like me, my opponent isn't carrying anything.

Does he have the same fighting style as me?

If so, this will be very interesting.

I ignore uncle Huck's instructions and my opponents taunts.

I just silently wait for the go signal.


The buzzer has sounded signaling the start of the fight.

Like me, the opponent executed a back step to give some space between us.

Looks like he has the same fighting style as me after all.

Suddenly, a bunch of water ball started forming around him.

Or not...

He launches the water ball at me.


I quickly synthesize a crystal wall to block it.

Pak* Splash*

As soon as the water ball hit the crystal wall, it exploded.

Let me guess, his going to spam me with those things.

Pak* Splash* Pak* Splash* Pak* Splash*

And I'm right.

Pak* Splash* Pak* Splash* Pak* Splash* Pack* Splash* Pak* Splash* Crack*

What the hell?

There's a crack on the crystal wall?

Pak* Splash* Crack* Pak* Splash*

Crack* Pak* Splash* Shatter*

The crystal wall shattered into pieces and the water ball penetrated and hit me.

Pak* Splash*

My barrie's life gauge is reduced to 89℅

He thro

"Where else? To the Arena 3 locker room."

Uncle points to my fist and ask a question.

"But doesn't that hurt?"

I look towards my fists and saw that they're bleeding.

Suddenly, my fists started aching like hell.

I couldn't help but to express the pain.

"Aw! Aw! Aw!"

Uncle Huck shouts...

"Call a medic!"


Next day, after school...

While I was about to get my bag that is hanging on the right side of my desk, I noticed an envelope that is inside my drawer.

I took out my cell phone and called Louise to get rid off it.

I'm don't feel like fighting anyone right now.

Not to mention my hands haven't recovered yet.

After I took my bag, I left the classroom.

(After dinner)

A girl is day dreaming while lying down on her bed.

She suddenly talk to herself.

"I wonder if Linel have read my love letter yet..."

Her face became flush red.

She stuff a pillow on her face while screaming.

"How embarrassing!"

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