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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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The third of my fight and I'm now fully recovered.

I hope my next opponent won't use some weird tricks like the guy I fought yesterday.

I enter the Arena 3 and heard the screams of the audience and the random babbling of the commentator.

"Students, staffs, teachers and lunch ladies, it's time for the third round of our tournament!" (Pol)

"Wooh!" (Audience)

"Do you think that Linel will win again?" (Meirin)

"Wooh!" (Audience)

"Or will he lose this time?" (Pol)

"..." (Audience)

"If you all want to vote, go to the Silver Wing Academy SNS then go to the thread "#all is fair in love and war" and post your vote there." (Meirin)

"Those who vote for the winner will get a special price!"

"Voting will end once the battle starts. Those who vote after the battle won't be counted. So if you want to participate, vote now!" (Meirin)

After that announcement, I head towards the center where uncle Huck and my opponent are waiting.

Why did I even bother listening to that.

My opponent who is another normal looking guy is carrying a sub machine gun and a magazine pack that is hanging on his waist.

At least his weapon of choice is normal...

Unless he has some kind of trick up his sleeves.

I should not let my guard down.

Uncle Huck explains the rules again and I didn't listen to him again since I already know it.

After he explained the rules, he went towards the audience seat.

Me and my opponent glare at each other like those professional wrestlers on T.V.

Well... I was kinda in a bad mood so I didn't really mean to glare.

As for him, he looks really pissed.

It didn't intimidate me so I just kept glaring.


The buzzer has now sounded signaling the start of the fight.

Since I want to end this quickly, I decided to go on a preemptive attack.

I executed a front step before he could even point his gun at me and punch him as hard as I can.

Bam* Clank*

Somehow, he w

to get close to him.

He doesn't seemed to learn and continues shooting me the same way.

The more I get closer to him, the more he panics which makes his aim suck so bad that I didn't have to synthesize a crystal wall in order to block his shots.

As soon as I was near him, I grab his gun and blast it by synthesizing an explosion.


His gun exploded into a million pieces and he flew backwards because of the impact.

I chase after him and execute a take down.


While we're on the ground (me on top), I start punching his face with a miniature compressed air on my two fists for extra damage.

Bam* Woosh* Bam* Woosh* Bam* Woosh* Bam* Woosh*

He tries to block my punches but it was useless.

Bam* Woosh* Bam* Woosh* Bam* Woosh* Bam* Woosh* Bam* Woosh*

His barrieir's life gauge is now on 5%.

I execute the finishing blow by giving him a massive compressed air punch with my right fist on his face.

Bam* Woosh*

His barrier shatters

That was kinda overkill but uncle Huck said to make the fight flashy so that's why I did it.


The buzzer has sounded and it's my victory.

I got off him and stood up.

I look at his face and found out that he fainted out of fear.

Maybe I really over did it...

Oh well!

I went towards the exit.

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