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   Chapter 23 NO.23

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Next day...

I went to Arena 3 to get change into a combat suit after school and went straight to Arena 3 afterwards.

Yesterday's fight was quite tiring so I ask the so called organizers (student council) to postpone my fight with the other three goons.

The organizers gave their approval and even made a schedule of whom I will fight for the next three days after school.

Not only that, they declared my fight as a school event and start selling tickets.

They even use the excuse "fund raising for our improving the school project" which I don't buy.

As I enter the Arena 3, I could hear the audience screaming while the "commentators" are doing their random babbling.

"Students, teacher, staffs and lunch ladies! It's now time for the second round of this tournament!" (Pol)

When did this became a tournament?

"Wooh! Wooh!" (Audience)

"Are you all excited?" (Meirin)

"Wooh! Wooh!" (Audience)

"I take that as a yes!" (Meirin)

"Now everyone! Who do you thing will win this time? Is it Linel?" (Pol)

"Wooh! Wooh!" (Audience)

"Or is it the nobody?" (Meirin)

"..." (Audience)

"If you all want to vote, go to the Silver Wing Academy SNS then go to the thread "#all is fair in love and war" and post your vote there." (Meirin)

"Those who vote for the winner... Ehem! Linel...(Whispers) Will get a special price!" (Pol)

"Voting will end once the battle starts. Those who vote after the battle won't be counted. So if you want to participate, vote now!" (Meirin)

This is getting... I don't know... Weird?

Anyway, I went to the center of the battle field where uncle Huck and another normal looking guy that I'm too lazy to describe are waiting.

Behind the normal looking guy is a bunch of big blue metallic square containers which I'm curious about.

As I approach the two, uncle Huck started instructing us the same way he did yesterday.

I don't need to go over the details.

After he instructed us, he went towards the audience seat.

While me and my opponent are waiting for the go signal, I call out to him.

"Umm... Hey!"

He didn't respond and just glares at me.

What is his problem?


The buzzer has now sounded signaling the start of the fight.

I quickly went into a fighting stance and execute a back step to give us some space.

Suddenly, the metallic containers behind him starts shaking.

Is this bad news or good news?

What should I do then?

Attack him now or wait till something comes out of those containers?

I decided to wait and see what's inside that container since it's not wise to attack blindly without knowing what my opponent have up his sleeves.

I took few more steps back to distance myself from him.

Suddenly, a bunch of little black creatures burst out of the container.

I look at them closely and found out that those black little creatures are actually rats.

I couldn't help but to express myself.

"What the hell?"

The horde of rats rushes towards me like those medieval soldiers a

need intense concentration in order to control the voltage so I won't accidentally fry their brains and kill them at the process.

So what now?


Wait a minute!

I saw in a horror movie once that a guy was able to fend of a rodent monster using a certain frequency.

The guy did it by using an electric guitar that is plug into an amplifier and made a high pitch sound.

I wonder if I can use that?

The rat are almost done rearranging themselves which gives me no choice but to act quickly.

I spot one of the speakers that is near the near me and increase the voltage of electricity ten folds using atomic synthesis.


As a result, the speaker short circuited and exploded which create a high pitch sound.

Boom* Creeeeeeeeek*

Me and the audience cover our ears as a respond to the sound.

Suddenly, the rats falls of the black monster like a bunch of dead flies.

I didn't expect that outcome.

I look towards the fallen rats and they were squirming which means that they're still alive.

Soon after, the black monster's figure deforms and all the rats fall to the ground.

My opponent who is standing on a pile of paralyze rats is looking at me with full of fear.

Don't tell me that's all he got?

How lame!

I run towards him and he starts running away while screaming like a little girl.

I chase him around for few minutes and was able to catch up to him.

As I was near him, I tackled him and we both fall down towards the floor.

I didn't stop there and pin him down.

After I pin him done, electrocuted him till his barrier's life gauge reaches zero.

As soon as his barrier shattered, I stop electrocuting him.


The buzzer has sounded signaling the end of the fight.

Screams and cheers were being heard from the audience.

I ignore whatever to commentators are saying, got up and head towards the exit.

The aftershock of my dizziness gave me an intense migraine.

As soon as I go back to my room, I'm calling it a day.

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