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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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Me and the normal looking guy are listening intently to uncle Huck's instructions...

Or maybe it's just me since he looks like a an angry dog who's about to attack me.

Does he hate me that much?

I don't remember ever meeting this guy nor talking to him.

Anyway, this is what uncle Huck said.

"Here are the rules:

1. No using atomic synthesis to suffocate your opponent.

2. Once your opponent's barrier is down, stop attacking.

3. Make sure to make the fight exciting and flashy.

And 4. Have fun!"

Alright! The last two doesn't make any sense at all.

This is a fight after all, not some kind of stage play.

After uncle Huck instructed us, uncle Huck went towards the audience seat.

Me and the normal boy wait for the goal signal.

Suddenly, the normal boy calls out to me in an arrogant manner.


I didn't respond and just look at him.

He continues.

"After I whoop your ass, don't go crying to grandpa and have me expelled!"

As if I'll do that.

After that, he activates his plasma saber.

Pshooo* Voom* Voom*

He waves the plasma saber with a green blade to test it out and went on to a fighting stance afterwards.

Since I'm not the type of person who likes to get insulted, I decided to give him a comeback.

"Don't worry, I'm not the one who will be crying."


Before the normal boy even responded, the buzzer has sounded which means it's time to fight.

I quickly went into a fighting stance and execute a back step.

The reason why I did that instead of attacking him right away, it is because that I don't know what he has up his sleeves and it's not wise to go barge in blindly.

Oh by the way, if you're wondering what kind of weapon I chose for this fight.

The answer is my fists.

Soon after, the entire battlefield is covered with some kind of mist or maybe a fog which makes it hard for me to see my opponent.

Is this some kind of effects or is it my opponent's doing?





Looks like the audience are complaining.

I can sympathize with them since I'm actually thinking the same thing.

Suddenly, an announcement is made from the speakers.

"Everyone, the fog is not a special effect nor a technical problem. It's one of those two fighting down ther

As a result, I was flung backwards and the fog on that area pushes back and reveals the location of my opponent.

My opponent got surprised with my sudden action and was stunned for a bit.

I took this advantage and quickly lunch myself towards him by synthesizing two pairs of air boosters on my hands which are pointed backwards.


As soon as I'm near him, I punch him so hard that he crashes into the wall.

I didn't stop there and disarm him by grabbing his right hand and synthesize an explosion which destroys his plasma saber to smitheries.


I snatch his cool looking goggles away and toss it somewhere so that I won't accidentally break it.

Snap* Click*

After that, I took a little step back from him and start pounding him with punches and kicks that has electricity effects.

Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam*

His barrier's life gauge gradually decreases.

Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam*

His barrier is now at 10%.

It's time for to me to execute the finishing blow.

I execute a compress air punch at his stomach.

Bam* Woosh*

Soon after, his barrier shatters and disperses into the air.


The buzzer has sounded signaling the end of the battle.

I retract my fist from his stomach and step away from him.

After that, he collapse to the floor face front.


And start crying while hammering the floor with his fist.

"Dammit! Dammit all! Sniff* Sniff*"

I suddenly remembered what he said to me before the fight.

I look at him and say...

"I told you so."

Casually and walk away afterwards.

Damn that was so cool!

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