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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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As a man with principles such as myself, I decided to accept their challenge.

I never back down from a fight...

Unless I'm up against my mother.

She could probably beat me up in five seconds.

Anyway, after school, I went straight to Arena 1.

As I did, there's a surprise waiting for me.

The whole place is jam pack with people from students to teachers to lunch ladies.

If I were to describe this scene, I would say that this looks exactly like Luna's concert...

Except for the part that the audience aren't holding those colorful florescent tubes that the fans waves around crazily when Luna starts singing.

Anyway, uncle Huck and some normal looking guy which I'm too lazy to describe who's wearing a cool looking goggles are at the center of the battlefield.

For some reason, the normal looking guy is wearing a multi-purpose combat suit.

Is he too afraid to get hurt?

If so, why bother challenging me anyway?

And also, where are the others?

They're supposed to be four people here who's gonna fight me.

And why is uncle Huck here?

Is he going to be a referee or something?

Uncle Huck who seems too look... I don't know. Mad maybe? Approaches me.

"Hey Linel! Why aren't you wearing a combat suit?"

Now that's a strange question.

I decided to ask about it.

"Combat suit? Isn't this just a normal fight?"

Uncle Huck refutes me.

"Normal fight? What are you talking about!? This is a military school remember?"


"So if you don't want to get yourself killed, go get yourself a combat suit pronto!"

"Alright! Alright!"

What is he my mother?

I reluctantly turn around and walk towards the exit.

I might have mentioned this before but I'll mention it again.

Getting the combat suit all the way from Arena 3 is such a pain in the ass!

(While Linel is away)

Two students who is at the Arena Announcement booth are idly chatting with one another.

One of the students is a boy with blue green colored short hair who is wearing glasses.

The other one is a girl with light brown short hair with a right side tail and a old fashion looking camera that is hanging on her neck.

"Good afternoon students, teachers and staff! You may already know me but I'll just introduce myself for the sake of it. I am Pol Filch from the broadcasting club..."

"And I am Meirin Tatsuyama from the journalism club."

"And today, where here to be your comme


"And why are you watching Linel's fight? Are you a secret admire? A fan girl? Hmm?" (Pol)

"Are you trying to get back at me?" (Meirin)

"No, I'm just trying to state the fact."(Pol)

"Sorry, you're assumptions are wrong." (Meirin)

"Are you sure about that?" (Pol)

"I already have a boyfriend you moron!" (Meirin)

"I heard that girls tend to have crushes on other guys even though they already have a boyfriend.

According to a certain relationship expert." (Pol)

"I'm totally not like that! Besides, we promise that we're going to get married after graduation." (Meirin)

"So he's your fiancee, not a boyfriend." (Pol)

"Yeah that!" (Meirin)

"Why are you calling him your boyfriend instead of your fiancee?" (Pol)

"Because boyfriend sounds better." (Meirin)

"If I were your boyfriend, I would prefer to be called your fiancee so other guys wont try to bust some moves on my girl." (Pol)

"That's your own preference! Don't lump my boyfriend together with the likes of you who cry out mommy in times of trouble!" (Meirin)

"She's throwing a fit everyone!" (Pol)

"Shut up!" (Meirin)

Everyone burst into laughter because of their comedy act.

Soon after, Linel enters the battlefield.


What the hell is everyone laughing about?

"And the star of the show has now arrived!" (Pol)

"Give him a round of applause everybody!" (Meirin)

Everyone starts screaming, whistling and clapping like they just saw they're favorite celebrity.

I'm pretty much sure that everyone is just being sarcastic.

And also, who are those two announcing all this crap?

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