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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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For today's plan, play some online games till I drop.

Since it's quite boring to do it in my room, I'll do it at my favorite spot which is under the apple tree on top of a small hill at the observatory deck.

Hopefully, Wren and Eri haven't took the spot yet.

While I was walking at the staff area, I stumble upon Aeris.

Aeris is currently wearing a pink t-shirt with Luna's face on it and a black mini skirt.

I tend to wonder, how many of those printed shirt does she have?

Anyway, Aeris is currently carrying a pile of documents while cheerfully humming Luna's ever famous song "Rainy Day" and walking towards somewhere.

She doesn't seemed to notice me so I decided to greet her.


Aeris suddenly stops walking and turn towards me.

She greets me back.

"Oh! Good morning Linel!"

Since I was curious about those documents Aeris is holding, I ask about it.

"So what's up with those documents?"

"These documents Linel are research papers that Professor Einstein asked me to deliver to the Technological Science club."

"Research papers? Isn't that kinda ancient?"

Nowadays, everything is almost digital so research papers are a thing of the past.

You could

the side.

While I was about to pull my chair and take a seat, I saw a bunch of paper envelops sticking out of my desk drawer.

I took out the envelopes and examine it.

Is this a love letter?

Zack who's sitting beside me saw the envelopes and shouts...

"Dudes! Linel have some love letters!"

Because of that, everyone surrounded me.

The four morons (Lokki, Roc, Zack and Maple) tries to pressure me.


It work, and I was pressured to open one of the letters.

As I did...

"I challenge you to a fight at Arena 1 after school. Don't chicken out on me!

A challenge to a fight?

Did I accidentally pissed someone off again?

I opened the other letters to see what it is.

When I did, I found out that all those four letters are letters of challenge.

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