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   Chapter 18 NO.18

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I got up from my bed and do some stretching to relieve my drowsiness.

Well the stretching worked a bit but I still need to drink a full doze of caffeine in order to wake myself up.

Maybe two cans of blue cherry cola would do.

Anyway, I pick my cell phone up that was lying on my desk and turn it on to check the time.

The time is now 6:30 in the morning.

Normally, I would wake up around 5 in the morning because of the annoying morning drill but since it's the weekend, there is no morning drill.

In other words, I could do whatever the hell I want.

So I decided to indulge myself in online games the whole day after eating some breakfast, but first, I need to do my morning ritual.

I enter the bathroom, took a shower and brush my teeth.

After that, I went to my drawer and took some casual clothing out which is a black t-shirt, a white hoodie jacket, a black jeans and sports socks.

After I dress myself up, I pick up the red sneakers that is lying on the floor instead of the shoe rack and wear them.

Since my hair is slightly wet, I synthesize some hot air by slightly vibrating the molecules around my head till it dries.

I didn't bother combing my hair after drying since my hair is naturally straight and it's such a pain in the ass to do so.

I pick up my cell phone that was lying on my desk, put it in my pocket and leave the room.

I head towards cafeteria 1 to get some grub.

Cafeteria 1...

Naturally, you wont see any students here in the early morning since it's the weekend and most of them are probably sleeping right now.

So, it's just me and the teachers...

And also Clarissa.

"Good morning Bat Man!"

As Clarissa greeted me cheerfully.

Clarissa is wearing her usual cute casual clothes and a white apron.

I greet her back casually.


After that, I grab a tray and start grabbing some food.

As I reach Clarissa...

"How's you're week Bat Man?"

She strikes up a conversation.

I respond to her question casually.

"Well... So-so I guess..."

Except for the part where I felt li


"What does he look like?"

"Well... He looks normal."

"What year is he?"

"I think he's a first year since he's wearing the same red necktie like all the first years."

So a normal looking guy who is an evil stalker?

Somehow I couldn't imagine it since all evil stalkers looks like sick perverts based on my experience.

(Note: Linel is referring to Luna's hardcore fans.)

If it was Mathias though, I'll probably believe it with no questions ask.

I give my verdict.

"I doubt he's the one watching you."

"I doubt it too..."

Suddenly, someone interrupts us.


Clarissa and I look towards the person who said that.

"I see you too are all lovey dovey in the morning but do me a favor and do it elsewhere. You're both causing a traffic."

It was Feini.

Feini is currently wearing a pink jersey.

I wonder if she have any other clothes besides her uniform and some jerseys.

"Here you go Bat Man!"

As Clarissa who is embarrass said like a lunch lady while placing a plate of bread on my tray.


After I said my thanks, I silently move on to the next counter.

That was so embarrassing.


A silhouette who is seating at a far away table from where Linel and Clarissa are, is mumbling to himself angrily while eating a calorie bar that he bought from the convenience store.

"So that bastard is Bat Man!"

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