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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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After School...

While I'm in the middle of arranging the stuff in my bag that is on my desk, Wren suddenly approaches me.

"Hey weirdo! We have club activities today. Don't you dare skip! Got it?"

And there goes my plan to play some online games back in my room.

Sigh! When will I ever have some alone time?

I respond reluctantly.

"Yeah... Yeah... Got it..."

As Wren heard my response, she did her usually "Hmph!" while flicking her twin tails before leaving.

I wonder if that's some kind of royalty trademark?

After I'm done arranging my stuff, I left the classroom and went straight to my room in order to change into casual clothing.

I don't want to get my uniform dirty and all.

After I change to casual clothing, I make my way towards the observatory deck.

While I was heading towards the observatory deck, I felt this strange sensation that someone is following me again.

Well, there's a lot of people at the Staff area hallway and some of them might be heading towards the same direction as I am so I decided to ignore it.

I continue walking towards the elevator that leads to the observatory deck.

Observatory Deck...

Peace at last I say!

The weird sensation that someone was following me is now gone.

It really must have been the crowd that gave me that sensation.

Anyway, time to start today's club activity.

I went towards the shack, grab a fancy looking water can and fill it up with water using atomic synthesis.

By the way, all the tools here looks fancy.

After I grab the water can, I went out of the shack and start watering some plants.

The first area of plants I decided to water is the Glassheim garden.

If you don't know what the Glassheim garden is, that's the place with the crystal like plants.

Reason why I decided to go there first?

It's my favorite spot.

I just love how the place looks like some kind of fantasy world.

I wonder if will ever visit a place like this?

Anyway, while I was watering the crystal like plants, the strange sensation came back.

This is really starting to annoy me so I scream out...

"Show yourself!"


But there was no response.

Damn it! There's something wrong with me today.

I must be sick.

I decided to ignore the sensation and continue watering the plants.

While I was walking towards the plants, I suddenly heard a sound like someone is stepping on the grass.


I'm pretty sure that's not an animal since there are no animals here.

I'm also sure it's not Wren or Eri either since Wren is currently having a friendly chat with her "best friend" and Eri is currently tending the Rafleshas.

Those two area is quite far away from here.


Wren scolds me.

"That's not how you talk to Rosalia!"

You're the one who said anything is fine damn it!

No matter how much I want to say that, I'm too scared to say out loud since Wren is scary when she's angry just like the incredible Hulk.

So I decided to ask her.

"So, what should I say to her?"

"Your birthday, your favorite color, your favorite food and your hobbies!"

As she said while her arms are cross and looking very impatient.

I decided to ask her about that.

"And why would I share my personal info to a flower?"

"Just do it weirdo!"

Wren and her strange demands.

I'll never understand how royalty thinks.

Better get this over with.

I face Rosalia once again and tell her my info.

"My birthday is on the 4th day of the 11th month. My favorite color is white, black, red and sky blue. Favorite food is, anything to do with blue cherry. My hobbies is watching retro movies and playing retro games. Got all that Rosalia?"


And of course, the dumb flower didn't respond.

What to expect? It's just a dumb flower.

Wren who seems unusually satisfied, takes the water can from me.

"That's enough weirdo! I'll take it from here."

Since I'm not in the mood to complain, I just do as she pleases and get back to what I was doing earlier.

Though I'm feeling this strange sensation again, I decided ignore it.

I feel really exhausted right now.

Maybe I should try sleeping in tomorrow since it's the weekend.

I wonder though, what's up with that black thing and what's with this strange sensation that I'm getting since lunch break?


A silhouette who is sitting in a dark room is mumbling to himself angrily.

"That lucky bastard is going taste a piece of me before he can go all lovey dovey with my Wren!"

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