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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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Another normal day in this academy.

It must has been almost four months by now since I first boarded this giant ship.

Although, there a lot of events I have experienced so far which is not normal, today is really a normal day.

It is too normal that today is a boring day.

I really hope that something happens like a space pirate suddenly high jacks this ship and holds everyone hostages or a space monster suddenly appearing out of nowhere and start rampaging around this school or an alien invasion.

Alright! That last part was a joke since technically, we are all aliens in the first place.

To think I was so bored that I have to tell myself a joke to cheer myself up.

Sigh! I wonder if they have any interesting online games in the app store right now.

It's been along since I played an online game.

Maybe I should go check it out later at lunch break.

Anyway, better focus on Professor Maybel's pop quiz or might end up becoming her lab rat after school if I fail.

I wonder what's with this "if you fail you will be punish" policy in this school.

Lunch break...

While I was getting ready to go to the convenience store to have a quick bite, Lokki approaches me and did his daily routine.

"Hey Linel! Wanna hit the cafeteria together? I heard that they're serving steak today."

To think that's the exact words he said yesterday.

I refute him.

"I doubt that they'll ever serve steak."

Lokki tries to convince me.

"Come on Linel! Have some faith! You never know unless you try."

"Eating steak in this school is just a pipe dream. All they serve here is hospital food and health junks."

And I refuted him once again.

By the way, I can eat what ever I want as long as I visit the cooking club but I'll keep that to myself.

"Well... Uh... The more the merrier?"

Looks like he's not giving up.

"Well that's also true but I don't feel like eating with anyone today."

Because I want some alone time to play some online games.

Though I didn't say that out loud since I don't want to hurt his feelings.

"Suite yourself then."

Lokki approach someone else.

"Hey Roc! Wanna hit the cafeteria together? I heard that they're serving steak today."

"Steak? You're serious man?"

"Of course I'm serious!"

"Hell yeah! Let's go man!"


Lokki and Roc left the classroom.

Roc is gullible as always.

If someone send him a text message which says "Congratulations! You have won one million credits! Please send 500 credits on this account to avail your price", he'll probably f

g to herself.

"Hold up... That's a great idea!"

Did she just thought of something crazy?

Before I was able to react, she suddenly hugs me.

Because of that, I became all flustered.

"Thanks a bunch Linel!"

After she said her thanks, she let go off me.

"I'm sure they will love this!"

As she said cheerfully and runs down the escalator.

I'm pretty sure when she said "they", she meant the occult club.

Though, I wonder, what's hold up got to do with the occult?

When she got off the escalator, she suddenly turn around and shouts.

"Oh! I almost forgot! I forgive you Linel! But if you do that again next time, get ready to be spook! Got that?"

I just nodded in response.

"Good! See you later Linel!"

As she said cheerfully while waving good bye.

After that, she walks away.

I hope she doesn't drag me to her crazy idea later on.

Sigh! Peace at last...

Suddenly, I felt like someone is about to stab me at the back.


Because of that, I covered my whole body with electricity and shout...

"Who's there?"


But there was no response.

I turn around to see if there's anyone behind me and in fact there is.

A bunch of students are staring at me awkwardly.

This is making me feel embarrass so I disperse the electricity and silently walk down the escalator.

I wonder, why am I so paranoid today?

Is there really anyone following me?

If there is, who is it?

If I think too much about it, I might not be able to sleep tonight.


A silhouette who is hiding at the shadows, mumbles to himself angrily.

"That bastard dare hurt my Sophie and on top of that got a hug! I'll teach that bastard a lesson!"

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