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Updated: 2018-01-15 19:48

It's Luna's Corner ^.^

I'm your host Luna the lovely and cute intergalactic idol.

This is my partner Ultrabot...

"I come in peace."

He had an upgrade recently and now he's Ultrabot 3.0 Yeay XD


And he won't say random stuff anymore ^_^


Or not!

"Fried cockroaches!"

Eeeew >_<

"Peanut juice!"

Are you sure you had an upgrade Ultrabot?

"Talk to my manager!"


Moving on to the first topic of the day.

Drum roll please!

Dum* Dum* Dum* Dum*

Rainbow Tea Yeay XD


Do you all know what a rainbow tea is?

How about you Ultrabot, do you know what a rainbow tea is?


Okay Ultrabot! I'll explain it for you then.


At least he's honest. (whispers)


And a perv. (whispers)

Ehem! Anyway, rainbow tea is made out from dried rainbow weeds that grow on rainbow grass.

Naturally, you don't eat weeds.

Only cows do and some other cute fluffy animals but this rainbow weed is special. You know why?


Because it taste so yummy XD


Not only that, it also has a lot of vitamins and minerals which is essential for having a healthy diet and keeping your body in shape.

"Sexy dynamite!"

I love rainbow tea so much that I drink it every day!

See ^_^

(Takes out a plastic cup filled with rainbow tea and finishes it with one gulp)

Yummy XD




Ha ha ha that's so funny XD

Ehem! Next question by KiLLeRsMile.

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg.

Hmm... This one's hard.

Ultrabot, which come first, the chicken or the egg?

"The dinosaurs!"

There you go ^_^

Next question by TheNarrator.

What is your brother's cell phone.

That I cannot give but Ultrabot can give his.

Isn't that right Ultrabot?


There you go!

Now you can become textmates with Ultrabot ^_^

Next question by Banapplelover67.

Banana bananana...

What comes next?

Umm... I don't know.

What comes next Ultrabot?

"Peanut juice!"

Alright ^_^

Next question by-

Oops times up!

So sorry...

I'll make sure to answer your questions on the next Luna's Corner.

(If you want to ask Luna a question, please post it at this part.)

So that's all for today.

See you next time!

Bye bye ((^_^/))


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