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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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After we sort out the plan and asked permission to all the teachers and gramps, we grab the stuff we need from the convenience store. Since their club budget isn't enough to pay for all the makeup and the props we need, I offer them to pay it. They promised me that they will pay it back but I told them they didn't have to since it barely scratched my daily allowance. Because of that, the occult club members are grateful to me and became my best buddies. I think...

Anyway, since we lack people to pull it off, I ask my classmates and the cooking club members if they can help us out.

My classmates agreed to help.

Well Aeris and Ace refused to act as zombies and offered to do the makeup. Kana refused to act as a zombie as well and offered to do the special effects like the blood and etc. Wren didn't agree to help out and call this prank "stupid" but after Sophie whispered something to Wren, she became furious and agreed to help. I wonder what that is all about. Also the cooking club agreed to help us as well. Since Lokki, Maple, Mathias and Roc found it very interesting; they call their buddies over from their club to help us out.

That solves the lack of people problem.

After that, we start dressing up


That was actually kinda fun.

And also, Sophie Ferz is deffinitely not a victim of bullying since she's the one doing the bullying.

By the way, they post the video of us doing the prank on Utube and it reached one million views in one night.

Late night

Principal's office...

Former general Gunn along with Kentucky Rogers are watching the video footage of Linel's investigation.

"So what do you think?"

As former General Gunn asked.

"He has a bright future in the espionage field."

As Kentucky Rogers answered him.

"Even though Ace knew that he was tailing her?"

As former general Gunn pointed out.

"Spades is a trained assassin so it can't be help."

"So you and The Boss made the same conclusion. Interesting..."

As former general Gunn said while rubbing his chin.

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