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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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Lunch break

Class 1-2...

My next target for investigation is Crisselda Aristole.

Good thing she's here eating lunch with her fellow club members while discussing about Luna.

I wasn't prepared for this so I didn't brought any food with me. Not to mention I lay low for a while from investigating because Ace was badgering me with questions the next day after that incident. I was able to convince her though by showing her the list and making the invisible Louise appeared on front of her and testify for me.

I wasn't planning on investigating today either but since she's here; I might as well do so.

"So which one is your type?"

Lokki noticed that I was staring at the Luna fan club earlier and joined me as well.

"Crisselda man!"

Roc is here as well.

"How about you Linel?"

I didn't answer Lokki's question and continue observing.

"Uh Linel?"

Still ignoring...

"Hey man! I think he's fantasizing right now."

And Roc totally got the wrong idea.

"Fantasizing huh... Linel you dirty dog!"

Lokki said that while hitting my arm with his elbow.

Bvvvv* Bvvvv* Bvvvv*

Great! Someone's calling me.

I took out my cell phone to check it out.

It's Luna...

I ignore the call until it stops.

Lokki finds my actions strange and asks about it.

"Aren't you answering that?"

I answer him.

"Because I'm not in the mood to talk to that lunatic right now."

"Calling a famous intergalactic idol a Lunatic is kinda harsh you know?"

"She's my sister. I can call her whatever I want."

Bvvvv* Bvvvv* Bvvvv*

And Luna calls again.

"I think you should answer it man."

And Roc told me what to do.

I reject him.

"Like I said, I'm not in the mood."

After a while, the call ended but that's not the end of it.

Luna starts spamming me using text messages and Pik.

Though I didn't open the messages to see what it says since I saw it on my notification.

Luna is spamming me with "Answer!".

After that, she starts calling me again.

Bvvvv* Bvvvv* Bvvvv*

Lokki gives me a suggestion.

"Why not just turn of your cell phone?"

"If I did, she will know that I'm deliberately avoiding her."

And I rejected his suggestion.

"But that's exactly what you're doing right?"


"Just answer it man!"

What's with Roc?

Is he a fan of Luna as well?

I'm too afraid to find out since most Luna's fans are crazy based on my experience.

Bvvvv* Bvvvv*

Finally it ends.

Bvvvv* Bvvvv* Bvvvv*

Or not...

This is getting annoying!

I pick up my cell phone that was on top of my desk and answer it.



Luna's scream is so loud that I didn't have to turn my cell phone to speaker mode for everyone in this room to hear.

If I didn't take my cell phone out of my right ear, I would only have one ear drum left.

I return my cell phone to my right ear.

"So what do you want?"

"Ooh! Mom's calling me for rehearsal. Bye bye Liney!"

Toot* Toot*

I couldn't help but to express my thoughts out loud.

"What the hell?"

All of a sudden, the Luna fan club that were happily eating their lunch and chatting with one another is now on front of me.

Their eyes are sparkling which is bad news to me.

The Luna fan club starts badgering me with questions.

"Hey that's Luna right??" (Pink hair girl)


"What did she say?" (Crisselda)

"Bye bye..."

"Will she call again?" (Purple pony tail hair girl)

"Who knows..."

"What's her Pik user name?" (Aeris)


iting for me.

The tall black short hair guy from class 3 pulls up a chair and place it on front of him.

He offers the chair while smiling.

"Have a seat."

I took up his generosity and sit on the chair.

After that...

"Which tea do you prefer? Blue cherry tea or Rainbow tea?"

The guy with the blue bowl cut offered me tea.

I answer him.

"Blue cherry tea..."

Reason why I chose blue cherry tea instead of rainbow tea, it is because I'm a fan of blue cherry and I don't know what the hell a rainbow tea is.

The guy with the blue bowl cut went to the back of the room and start brewing some tea.

I didn't know they have a tea set in this room.

After few minutes...

The guy with the blue bowl cut brings a black teacup filled with blue cherry tea with a black small circular plate under it and gives it to me.

I accepted the tea and took a sip.


You can never go wrong with blue cherry.

"How's the tea?"

The one who asked me that question is Sophie.

I answer her casually.


"Glad you like it!"



And there was silence.

Time to go straight to the point.

"So what do you guys want?"

Though I asked that, I already know the answer to that question.

Sophie answers my question.

"We want to scare the whole school by doing a zombie apocalypse prank and we want your help to pull it off."

I agree to help.


Suddenly, Sophie grabs my hand and starts pleading.

"Please help us out! We will do anything to return the favor!"

Didn't I already agree to help?

She probably got the wrong idea.

I point out to them.

"I already said okay."



Suddenly, Sophie hugs me and express her gratitude cheerfully.

"Thanks a lot!"

It's first time being hug by a girl other than my family.

Since I'm all flustered, I accidentally drop the tea on the floor.

Strangely I didn't hear any shatter sound.

She let go off me and made an announcement cheerfully.

"Let's get to work everyone!"

And everyone responded except for me.


What the hell is this a war cry?

We start working out with this scheme.

I found out a little later that the reason why when I drop the tea cup and didn't hear any shatter sound, it is because someone use brainwave manipulation to stop the teacup from falling.

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