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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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1st Period: Brainwave Development

Location: Class 1-

So I'm currently investigating Ace while trying to create a sculpture of a creature which is a dog with two heads, seven horns, 5 eyes, 3 tails who is standing on it's two feet out of molding clay using brainwave manipulation. So far I'm only able to create a normal dog.

Anyway, since Ace is my classmate, I get to observe her the whole day.

In other words, I wasn't really concentrating on my work because I'm observing her right now.

Ace is currently staring at the molding clay intently while the molding clay is slowly transforming which makes it look like a real life blob monster.

After awhile, the blob monster gains two heads and limbs.

Few seconds later, the blob monster's body became slim.

The blob monster transformed into a dog with two heads that is standing on it's two feet.

Now, she's currently working at the the minor details which is the eyes, the horns and the tail.

That's enough observing for now, time to concentrate on my work.

2nd Period: P. E

Location: Gymnasium

For today's class, Mr. Rogers made us run laps around the gymnasium. The reason why we're running laps is not because we're being punish right now, Mr. Rogers just felt like it.

So basically, I'm right behind Ace while trying to match her pace.

Damn she runs so fast!

3rd Period: Technological Science

Location: Tech Lab

Professor Einstein is happily discussing about the theory of time machine while Ace is listening intently.

Nothing strange here.

4th Period: Atomic Synthesis

Location: A.S Lab

For today's class, professor Maybel teaches us how to make crystal out of atomic synthesis. So the procedure in synthesizing a crystal is to gather carbon atoms and compress them together to make it solid.

Once you've done that, you create a crystal.

Easier said than done!

No matter how much I try to compress the carbon atoms together, they repel each other like the result of trying to stick two magnets with the same poles.

Wren my lab partner is in the same boat as me.

As for Ace, she did it easily.

"Hey weirdo! Stop day dreaming and help me solve this problem!"

As her highness demanded.

There's nothing unusual here so I decided to stop observing Ace and try to solve this problem with Wren.

Lunch break...

I followed Ace to the convenience store while trying to hide my "presence". People who saw me had an expression on their faces saying "What the hell? "

Now that I mentioned it, I wonder if Ace noticed that I've been observing her.

Knowing Ace, she would confront me by now if she did.

Anyway, Ace gets a couple random stuff and paid at the cashier.

After that, she exits convenience store and eats the stuff that she bought on a nearby bench.

Just watching here makes me think that she's lonely.

I wonder where her best friend Aeris is.


Classroom 1-1...

Aeris is happily eating her lunch box along with the Luna Fan Club members.

While they're enjoying their meal, they're discussing about Luna's new single that will be released today.

(Back to Linel)


Now I'm starving.

Good thing I ordered Louise to buy me some Calorie bars and energy drink earli

m stalking her.

Ace is walking towards Arena 3 which is where her club activities being held.

Ace proceed to the entrance of the Arena 3 that looks like a lobby of a sports stadium and I did as well.

As soon as I enter, Ace is nowhere to be seen.

Where the hell is she?

I look around by turning my head and all I see is an empty lobby.

"Damn it!"

Suddenly, I felt something circular and ice cold that is poking my back.

I turn around to see who that is.

As I did...

"So can you explain to me why you have been stalking me since this morning?"

Ace greeted me with a question while holding an ice rod that is pointed at me.

Although I'm not in the right to ask questions but I couldn't help it.

"You knew?"

Ace answers me in a cool manner.


I couldn't help but ask another question.

"Why didn't you confront me earlier?"

And Ace answers me in a cool manner again.

"Because I was waiting for you to stop."

I guess Ace is a trained assassin after all.

"Since I already answered your questions, can you answer mine?"

Alright! Time to explain myself.

"I'm actually observing you to see if you're a victim of bullying."

"And where did you get that idea that "I'm a victim of bullying"?"


"So your saying that the principal told you to observe me if "I'm a victim of bullying"?"

"Actually it's investigate but that's probably the same thing right?"

"Can you stop spouting nonsense and tell me the truth already?"

"But that's the truth."

"I don't believe you."

Ugh! How will I make this girl believe me?

Should I show her the list that gramps gave me?

On a second thought, that will be a total buzz kill.

I decided to make up another excuse that will probably satisfy her.

"I'm investigating you for research purposes."

"Last chance."

And it didn't work.

Now I have to result to dirty tactics.

"Sorry about this."

After I apologized, I grab Ace's shoulder.

Suddenly, Ace face became flush red and drops the ice rod.

Now's my chance.

I let go of Ace and run away from her as fast as I can.

She's definitely not a victim of bullying.

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