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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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After school

Observatory deck...

So yeah! The first one I decided to "investigate" is Eri since where in the same club. Not to mention, she seems to be more approachable than the other girls. Well Ace is also approachable but I decided to investigate her on another day. So basically I made a schedule whom to investigate every after school and lunch break.

Now time to do some investigating.

We are doing our usual club activities which is tending the gardens and Wren talking to a flower. For some reason, she doesn't feel embarrassed doing it on front of me anymore. More like she doesn't care at all except when I start taking pictures of her doing it. Anyway, since I'm "investigating", I'm sticking to Eri like glue while observing her. Eri doesn't seem to mind me sticking to her at all and takes advantage of it by ordering me around. It's kinda weird that she doesn't ask me any questions.

"Linel, can you please carry this fertilizer for me?"

I carry a casing of liquid fertilizers that is stock up inside the shack where we keep all the equipments and etc. I think this casing of liquid fertilizers is about 20 kilos. After that, I placed it on top of the hover wagon that is right outside the entrance of this shack.

After I was done carrying the casing of liquid fertilizer...

"Linel, can you please carry this tool box for me?"

I found Eri's request kinda strange since we're a gardening club and all so I decided to ask about it.

"Tool box? What do you need that for?"

Suddenly, Eri takes out her fancy giant scissors from who knows where and shows it to me while smiling.

Clank* Clank*

"It's confidential."


I don't think anyone will be able to bully her.

Since I'm too scared to know on what the hell she's going to do with that scissors and decided to do what she asked for.

I enter the shack and approach the red metallic tool box that is on a shelf and bring it over to the hover wagon. By the way, this tool box seems to be about 10 kilos.

That's one heavy tool box.


"Linel, please carry these beakers for me?

Can't she do it herself?

If I said that out loud, she might threaten me with her giant scissors again so I didn't say anything and bring the beakers that are in a shelf and bring it over to the hover wagon.

"Linel, can you bring these gnome statues for me?"

Where not done yet?

Then again, I didn't say anything and do what I was asked for.

I carry the seven gnome statues that are located at the far end of the shack and bring them over at the entrance one by one. These gnome statues are so damn heavy that I didn't bother estimating their weight.

After I brought the gnome statues at the entrance, Eri calls for two more hover

expression while carrying a fancy looking water can.

Now time to make some stuff up.

I quickly exit the camera app and turn on the wifi function.

"I'm looking for wifi signals."

Wren who doesn't seem to believe me, grabs my cell phone and checks it out.

She starts fidgeting with my cell phone.

I can't tell what application she oppened since I'm right on front of her.

After few minutes of checking, she shoves my cell phone back at me and makes a demand.

"If you don't have anything better to do, help me out weirdo!"

I was pretty sure that she would say "get out!" but I was wrong.

She suddenly shoves the fancy looking water can at me and drags me away.

I wasn't done investigating Eri but I'm pretty much convinced that she's not a victim of bullying. If someone even tries to bully her, they will feel the wrath of her giant scissors.

Inside the principal's office, former general Gunn is watching Linel doing his "investigation" through the eyes of Louise that is being shown on the holoscreen. Beside former general Gunn is a muscular tall man with brown hair and facial hair wearing a black bandana, an eye patch and a military camouflage suit.

This man is currently smoking a cigarette while watching the live footage with former general Gunn. This man is "The Boss" who is the second year espionage teacher.

"What do you think of my grandson's investigation skills?"

As former general Gunn asked.

The Boss takes out the cigarette in his mouth and answers him in a low volume.

"You're asking the wrong person."

"How about his espionage skills?"

"He knows how to hide from his target, that's for sure."

"Which means?"

"He has potential."

"I see... Interesting..."

Former general Gunn picks up a white tea cup filled with green tea and takes a sip.


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