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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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Normally when a student is being called at the principal's office, it's either because you've caused trouble or you have bad grades and need consulting. As for me, it's the latter. Reason why? I don't remember causing any trouble around school nor have any failing marks. So why am I here? I'm about to find out the answer to that question.

Damn! That's sounds so poetic!

"I want you to do something for me sonny."

Yup it's the latter alright.

"So what is it that you want me to do gramps?"

"I want you to investigate something for me?"


"Yes investigate."

"So what do you want me to investigate about?"

"If there's any bullying going on around the first years."

"So you want me to investigate about bullying huh... Why not let the prefects or the teachers do it? I'm pretty sure that they could do a better job than me."

Gramps picks up his medium sized white tea cup filled with suspicious looking rainbow colored liquid that Louise placed on top of his desk earlier and takes a sip.


After that, he puts the medium sized teacup back on his desk and answers me.

"The prefects stand out too much and everyone behaves as soon as they see a teacher."

"Which means?"

"You're the only one I can count on sonny."

I can think of a lot of people who could do a better job than me like Kana. She was able to get my private info after all. (Chapter 4 part E)

While I was thinking about all the people who are good in investigating, gramps picks up his tablet that was on his desk and starts fidgeting with it.


My cell phone vibrated and I took it out too check the notification out.

As I did, I received a list.

I didn't bother opening up the list and decided to check it out later after I sort things out with gramps. So the first thing I want to sort out is this list so I decided to ask about it.

"And this is?"

"The student that I want you to investigate."

"So these students are involved in bullying?"

"No sonny, those students are possible victims of bullying."

Victims of bullying huh...

I started remembering the times that I beat the crap out of those so called bullies which got me expelled from three different schools. The dumb principals from those three schools called my actions "violence" which is totally wrong since I was just teaching them a lesson on how society works.

Anyway, back to reality.

"If you know all this much, why not just bring those students here and consult them one by one? That way, you would be able to know if they're being bullied or not."

"It will be too much of a hassle to consult them one by one to find out the answer so that's why I want you to investigate them so I would

especially this list of students that gramps gave me."

As I answered her while showing the screen of my cell phone at the wall on front of me which make me look like an idiot. Good thing no one is around here at this hour. By the way, like I said earlier, I don't know where the hell Louise is so I'm not even sure if I'm pointing my cell phone at the right direction.

"What's wrong with the list young master?"

"See for yourself."

As I said while offering my cell phone to the wall.

"As you wish young master."

Suddenly, my cell phone slips out of my hand and floats few inches on my right.

So that's where she is.

My cell phone that is floating in midair shakes a bit for few seconds.

This looks exactly like brainwave manipulation.

"I don't see anything wrong on this list young master."

"Try analyzing it."

"As you wish young master."

Zit* Zit*

"Analysis complete. There's nothing wrong with this list young master but your cell phone's internal memory only has 1.07 gigabytes free space out of 10 terabytes. I suggest that you uninstall the applications that you don't need and clear your cache."

To think that she even analyzed my cell phone and still couldn't get what I mean.

Better point it out for her.

"The list of students that gramps gave me doesn't look like victims of bullying."

After I said that, I took my cell phone back.

"Young master, master has just ordered me to tell you that don't judge a digital book by it's graphics."

"I see..."

So no matter how much I find this very contradicting, I have no choice but to investigate...

Wait a minute!

"Is gramps watching me right now?"

"Master has just ordered me to tell you to proceed with the investigation."

And she didn't answer my question.

Better get this over with.

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