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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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Everything is ready, the food, the cake, the present, the entertainment and a bunch of uninvited guest which are the teachers.

So yeah everything is ready.

The only one missing now is the birthday girl which is Ms. Diana. We asked Ms. Leane for help to bring her here without exposing our surprise for her since they're both good friends according to Maple. I hope she's able to pull that off.

By the way, there's a strange cardboard box right in the middle of the area where we chose for the party which is near the apple tree on top of the small hill. On top of the strange cardboard box, there's a note that says for Ms. Diana. Now that I think about it, it's most probably one of the teachers' gifts. They probably didn't have enough time to wrap the cardboard box with a gift wrap or something.

After few minutes of waiting, Ms. Leane arrives along with Ms. Diana who is blindfolded.

Wait! Blindfolded? Isn't that making it obvious?

When Ms. Diana is already near us, Ms. Leane whispers to her right ear.

After that, Ms Leane moves away from her and Ms.

ke a Teddy bear out of joy. Maple tries to push her away in order break free from her but Ms. Diana is stronger so it was useless.

Now it's time to open the second gift which is the strange cardboard box that I've been curious about.

Ms. Diana approaches the box while we watch her from the sidelines.

As she did...


"Happy birthday."

A tall and muscular man with brown hair and facial hair who's wearing an eye patch on his right eye, a green bandana and a green camouflage suite pops out of the box and greeted her.



Ms. Diana shrieked while her face turned flush red and fainted afterwards.

"Alright! Whose bright idea is this?"

As I was looking for the culprit.

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