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   Chapter 4 NO.4

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It is now lunch break and I don't have time to eat right now since I was assigned to organize the stuff we need for the Ms. Diana's birthday party because I was the one who suggested it and they force me to become leader. Not to mention, I have some connections which is gramps and a bunch of school clubs.

Good thing Aeris is with me so I don't have to suffer alone.

Here is the agenda we need to complete before lunch break ends.

-A venue for the party

-A place to bake the cake.


After we complete all of this, the others will do the rest like baking the cake, buying the gift, the food for the party and etc.

We better get this done quick so we can finally eat.

I enter gramps office along with Aeris to ask gramps for permission to use one of the cafeterias in order to bake the cake. The reason why I didn't look for a venue first it is because I already know a perfect place for that. All I need to do is ask permission from Eri.


"Sup gramps!"

"Good afternoon principal Gunn. I'm sorry for the intrusion."

As I greeted gramps casually while Aeris greeted politely.

"Ho ho ho! Sonny and Aeris, what brings you two here?"

As gramps asked warmly.

"We wanna borrow one of the cafeterias to bake Ms. Diana a cake for her birthday."

As I went straight to the point.

"I see... You can use cafeteria 2 for that but you have to ask permission to the cooking club members first before you do. Why not ask for their assistance as well? I heard that you are good friends with their club president."

As gramps approves of my request and gave a suggestion afterwards.

I'm friends with the cooking club president huh...

I guess I should ask for their assistance.

Wait a minute!

I don't even know who the club president is.

I better ask about it.

"The club president?"

"Clarissa Avel."

As gramps answered me.


I didn't know she's the club president.

That's a surprise!

"Thanks a lot gramps!"

As I said my thanks.

"Thank you principal Gunn for approving our request."

As Aeris thanked gramps politely.

"Ho ho ho! You're welcome you two."

As gramps responded.

After that, we head for the door.

As I open the door...


"Sonny, wouldn't you need Louise as well?"

Gramps calls my attention.

I turn towards Louise who is standing beside gramps. Louise is staring at me blankly.

I think for a sec and made a conclusion.

"I probably need her to carry some stuff later."

"Glad to be at your service young master."

As Louise said while executing a bow.

"Well then! Good luck with the party Sonny!"

"Yeah thanks..."

We left gramps office.

While we are making our way towards cafeteria 1 where Clarissa is most probably at, Aeris suddenly starts a conversation.

"It's great that you and the principal have a good relationship."

"Well he's my grandfather after all. It's only natural that we have good relationship."

As I stated the obvious.

"I kinda envy you..."

As Aeris said in low voice while giving off a sad expression.

"How so?"

As I tried to pry in the matter.

Suddenly, Aeris became flustered.

"D-did I say that out loud??"


"Please forget about it Linel!"

As Aeris said pleadingly.

So Aeris doesn't want to talk about it huh...

I better leave it as it is then.


After that, we became silent.

Suddenly, Aeris starts a conversation again.

"Could you please tell me about your family? I'm really curious on what kind of environment you grew up in."

"Where should I start?"

As I asked.

"Your parents."

As Aeris answered.

"Well my father is a push over and mother is a dictator also a worry wart."

As I give a brief explanation.

"Push over? Dictator? Worry wart?"

As Aeris asked who doesn't seemed to get what I mean.

"My father is a push over when it comes to my mother. As for my mother, she is the boss of the household and she worries too much."

As I tried my best to explain.

"Oh! How about your siblings?"

As Aeris asked.

"Well... Gray is a smarty pamts, Brea is a slave driver and Luna is a lunatic."

As I gave her a brief explanation.

"Smarty pants? Slave driver? Lunatic?"

As Aeris asked who doesn't seemed to get what I mean again.

"Gray likes to act smart all the time. As for Brea, she likes to order me around instead of the maidbots. About Luna... She's crazy and she always drags me to her craziness that always gets us in trouble."

Aeris eyes started sparkling as I mentioned Luna.

I forgot she's a Luna fanatic.

"Please tell me more about Luna!"

As Aeris demanded.

"Another time."

As I brush her off and start walking faster.

Aeris was able to keep up with my pace and start bombarding me with questions about Luna.

I wonder why she's crazy about Luna?

I have met some of Luna's fans before but they're not as crazy as Aeris is.

(Technically Linel only saw Luna's fans cheering for her on t.v.)

I better ask Ace later since she's her best friend and her roommate.

We enter cafeteria 1 and what greeted us is a crowd of people.

It was so crowded that me an Aeris have to squeeze through just to enter the cafeteria.

"Linel, I don't think we have much time to wait in line just to talk to Clarissa. Do you have any other means to contact her?"

As Aeris suggested.

Any other means to contact her...

I took out my cell phone and make a call.

As I did...

Tootootootootootootoo tootootootootootootoo Batman!...*

The theme song of Batman is being played throughout the cafeteria.

Is that the designate

d ring tone is set to me?

I didn't know that Clarissa actually knows Batman.

After few seconds, the ringtone has stopped and Clarissa answers the call.

"Hello Bat Man! I'm so sorry that I couldn't talk with you right now. Could you please call me later before the fifth period starts?"

"Don't worry this will be quick. Can we borrow the cafeteria 2 later after school and also some assistance. We are going to bake a cake for Ms. Diana."

As I went straight to the point.

"Oh it's Ms. Diana's birthday today! Sure you can borrow the cafeteria 2 and also us from the cooking club will be glad to help you out."

As Clarissa gave her approval.

"Thanks Clarissa!"

As I said my gratitude.

After that, I end the call but before I even press the "end" icon, Clarissa suddenly shouts.

"Wait Bat Man!"

Her shout was so loud that it was heard throughout the cafeteria.

I put my cell phone back on my right ear and ask.


"Um... This coming weekend... Can we um... Hang out together..."

As she said in a low volume which is quite hard to hear because of all this noise in the cafeteria.

This girl always gets me at the wrong timing?

Better give my answer before we both waste more time.

"If I don't have any club activities."

"It's a promise?"

As she said in a cute manner.

Damn it! I'm all flustered now.


"Great! See you later Bat Man!"


She ended the call before I could even respond.

Problem solve I guess...

Aeris and I left the cafeteria 1.

As we are outside the cafeteria...

"What kind of entertainment should we get?"

As I asked Aeris since I'm lost at this part.


Aeris didn't respond to my question.

I try again.

"Uh Aeris?"


And still no response.

I went directly on front of her to see what's going on.

As I did that, I found out that Aeris is spacing out. More like she's just standing there with a blank expression.

Is there something wrong with her?

I try calling her attention once again.



But still no response.

Alright! This is getting weird.

I grab her shoulders and lightly shake her a bit while calling out to her.


Her blank expression slowly became normal. After that, she stares directly at my eyes.

After few seconds, her face became flush red.


And she screams in a cute manner.


Suddenly, I was pushed back and knock down by an invisible force. It felt exactly like when I crashed into the glass window earlier this morning so it was really painful.

Because of the pain, it was hard for me to breathe so I started coughing as a result.

"Cough* Cough*"


As Aeris screamed out.

Aeris approaches me and bends down.

Aeris starts apologizing.

"I'm so sorry Linel! I just... um I.."

Looks like she's lost for words.

"It's alright! Now could you help me get up? A lot of people are staring at us right now."

Yup a lot of people are staring at us right now. Some of them have a curious expression, some of them have a worried expression and most of them which is the boys have a murderous expression.

Aeris looks around her and started panicking.

After that, she give me her right hand and I grab it with my left hand.

Aeris hand is surprisingly soft and smooth. Not to mention, it's also warm.

She gently pulls me up.

When I'm already back on my feet, I told Aeris what to do.

"Let's get out of here."

Aeris didn't say anything and just nodded as a response.

Aeris and I walks away while the spectator are still staring at us.

While we are at the center of the school riding the escalator that leads to the third floor, I suddenly ask Aeris a question that has been bothering me.

"So Aeris what happened back there?"

"Um... Well... I... I'm sorry Linel!"

As Aeris apologized while executing a bow.

"Yeah I already forgive you a long time ago. So what happened?"

"I can't really tell you the details but it has something to do with my ability."

With her ability?

Does she mean brainwave manipulation?

"You mean brainwave manipulation?"

"Umm... Yes..."

"So what about it?"

"I'm sorry I can't really tell you."

So she doesn't trust me yet huh?

Well I only have known her for two months so it's expected.

"I see..."

"It's not that I don't trust you Linel, it's just that it's a very confidential matter that I can't tell anyone about."

"Does Ace know?"

"Actually no..."

So her best friend doesn't know either.

Aeris and I step of the escalator since we already reach the third floor.

After that, we make our way towards the convenience store so we can have our lunch.

"Well everyone has their own dark secrets that they can't tell anyone about."

As I said to brush it off.

"I'm sorry Linel."

For some reason, I started to get irritated with Aeris' nonstop apology.

"Quit apologizing. There's nothing to be sorry about."

"But I hurt you..."

"That? My mother's punches hurts more than that so what you did was nothing."

Though I was trying to act tough, it's true that my mom's punches during our sparring training hurts more than what Aeris did. That's the reason why I was able to endure it. By the way, Wren's kick is more painful.

Aeris relaxes as she heard that.

After that, she matches my pace and walks beside me.

If anyone sees us, they'll probably think that we're on a date.

I better get ready for some hate mail later.

Since we have no time to search for the entertainment, I decided to leave it to Kana. She probably has something in that inventory of hers.

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