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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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I called Louise to bring our unconscious advisor and her sister to the infirmary. After few seconds, she arrives and did what I asked her to do. Since our advisor is not here to start the homeroom, we decided to discuss on what to do for her birthday. The one who actually suggested that was Aeris our class president.

Aeris is behind the teacher's desk while using her cell phone to control the touch screen blackboard that is right behind her.

As she fidgets with her cell phone at a normal pace compared to Kana who seems like she's playing Tetris with the speed set to maximum, the words "What to give Ms. Diana:" appears at the top left of the touch screen blackboard.

After that, Aeris starts with the opening remark.

"Does anyone have any suggestion on what to give Ms. Diana for her birthday?"

Everyone started thinking on what to give her including Kana.

Suddenly, Roc raises his right hand and Aeris calls out to him.

"Let's give her an AK-47 man!"

As Roc gave his suggestion.

"What the hell is an AK-47?"

As I reacted.

"AK-47 is a one of the most bad ass assault rifle that ever existed in the entire universe!"

As Roc answered me in a bragging manner.

"So why the hell will Ms. Diana wants a gun for her birthday?"

As I asked.

"Because Ms. Diana is Maple's sister and Maple likes guns. They definitely have the same hobby man!"

As Roc said like he was stating the obvious.

Everyone started thinking deeply on what Roc has said.

Ms. Diana is Maple's sister...

Maple likes guns...

So Ms. Diana likes guns as well?

I try imagining Ms. Diana assembling a bad ass looking gun with a smirk on her face.

As a result, I end up imagining a grown up version of Maple.

"I can't get your logic." (Linel)

"What makes you think that Ms. Diana is the same as that little brat?" (Wren)

As we both reacted.

Looks like we're both in the same page.

"Makes sense!" (Lokki)

"Totally dude!" (Zack)

"That's quite possible..." (Ace)

"I have a customize AK-47 in my inventory." (Kana)

"Guns and Ms. Diana, the lethal beauty like the blue rose with poisonous thorns that is found from the beautiful planet Jardenstein V from the Aquarius galaxy."(Mathias)

As everyone else seems to agree with Roc's suggestion.

By the way, I don't know what the hell Mathias was talking about.

Aeris starts fidgeting with her cell phone while mumbling "AK-47" to herself.

After that, a 3D model image of a retro looking assault rifle with the word "AK-47" beside it appears right bellow "What to give Ms. Diana:".

So that's what an AK-47 looks like.

"Does anyone have any another suggestion?"

As Aeris asked politely.

The almighty princess Wren from the Fenrisel royal family who rules the strongest continent Albories from the planet Ignost whom I thought wouldn't bother giving a suggestion raises her hand.

Everyone looks at the strange phenomenon.

Well that was supposed to be a joke but judging by everyone's reaction, that joke became reality.

Aeris who also seems surprised, calls out to Wren.


"A cake."

As Wren gave a suggestion with her usual grumpy expression.

I started thinking deeply on Wren's suggestion.

I bet everyone did as well.

A cake huh... Now that I think about it, Wren's cake is sure delicious. I hope I can taste that again someday. Maybe I should ask her to make some again. Nah! I'll bet she'll go "Who gave you right to order me around! Hmph! " or something similar.

I know! I should indirectly say it. Now is the only chance I got since we're discussing about what to give Ms. Diana for her birthday and a cake will fit the picture.

"Wren's cake is sure delicious..."

As I blurted out casually.

Suddenly, everyone looks at me with a surprised look on their faces including Wren whose eyes and mouth is wide open.

Now that's a rare sight.

Suddenly, Wren's face became flush red.


As Wren was trying her best to say something.

"What! Wren bake you a cake!?"

As Lokki screams out loud.

Suddenly, everyone reacts.

"I thought you two weren't in that kind of relationship." (Ace)

"Linel you're the man!" (Roc)

"To get a man you need to get him by his stomach. Is that how you got my dear?" (Mathias)

"Love is in the air dudes!" (Zack)

"I have to add this to my database." (Kana)

Kana starts typing rapidly on her net book.

As for Aeris, she silently stares at me.


As Wren screams at the top of her lungs to shut everyone up.

"No one said anything about you two being lovers."

Ace just have to make a side comment.

"What! You two are lovers?"

And Lokki adds fuel to the fire.

Here comes the supporting characters.

"Linel you're the man!" (Roc)

"Love birds dude!" (Zack)

"Ah Love! A feeling that makes your heart skip a beat" (Mathias)

"Linel and Wren an item. I should add that to the database." (Kana)

Kana starts typing rapidly on her net book.


As Wren burst out in anger.

Everyone stares at her with suspicion written all over their faces.

Wren turn towards me.

"Weirdo! Don't just sit there! Say something!"

As Wren made her demands.

Naturally I don't really care what others thinks of me as long as they don't piss me off but Wren might probably kill

me later on if I don't do something.

I decided to make some stuff up.

"It was part of our club activities which is called " Appreciating the beauty of flowers while eating cake" that was organized by our club president."

Alright! That wasn't totally a lie.

Wren did say we have club activities that day and I didn't expect that will end up having a picnic. (Chapter 9 part D and E)

"So Wren somehow end up being in charge of baking the cake?"

As Ace asked me with full of suspicion like a detective interrogating a suspect in those police shows that Gray loves to watch.


As I said while putting up a poker face.

"I see... Sorry for jumping into conclusions."

And Ace buys it I think.

"So Wren knows how to bake huh..."

As Lokki said while rubbing his chin.

To think he was all surprised earlier.


Kana didn't say anything a continues to type on her net book.

"I still have a chance with you my dear."

As Mathias said in a flirting manner.

Someone please shut this pervert up!

"Cake are awesome dude!"

As Zack said like a crazy surfer who just experienced getting wiped out.

"Guns and cake are good combination man!"

I can't really understand Roc's logic.


Aeris who seemed to be worried for some reason earlier is now in relief.

She starts mumbling to herself "cake" while fidgeting with her cell phone.

After that, a 3D image of a wedding cake along with the word "cake" appeared bellow the "AK-47".

"Does anyone have any other suggestion?"

As Aeris asked politely.

We start thinking among ourselves again.

Suddenly, Mathias raises his hand and Aeris calls out to him.

"A sexy underwear."

As Mathias gave his suggestion in a flirting manner.

Everyone got surprised at Mathias perverted randomness including Aeris who is now flustered.

I don't know if I should thank Mathias later for this wonderful sight or not.

"A se-se-sexy u-u-underwear?"

As Aeris asked who is still flustered.

"Yes my darling. A sexy underwear."

As Mathias said without even flinching.

I wonder how does this pervert's brain works?

Aeris look towards us to see if anyone wants to comment on what Mathias has said but none of us wants to be part of his craziness.

Aeries reluctantly fidgets with her cell phone without saying anything and a 3D image of a black panty with frills with the word "sexy underwear" beside it appears bellow the "cake".

"Any other suggestion..."

As Aeries asked politely once again.

The rest who hasn't given a suggestion yet started thinking deeply...

After few more suggestion, we come up with a list of gifts to give.

Here is the line up along with the one who suggested it.

AK-47 (Roc)

Cake (Wren)

Sexy underwear (Mathias)

Game (Lokki)

Stun gun (Kana)

Hover board (Zack)

Bouquet of flowers (Ace)

Pendant (Aeris)

Wren, Ace and Aeris are the only ones that seems normal while the others are just plain weird.

Well Lokki suggestion is not that weird but I doubt that a grown up woman will want to have a game for her birthday present.

As for me, I haven't suggested anything yet since I don't know what to give her.

Everyone turn towards me like they're waiting for me to say something.

As a guy who grew up being socially awkward, being stared at by a bunch of people is making me feel nervous.

I told them to give me a moment so I could think of something.

So what to give her?

Something that she will enjoy or something that could emotionally touch her?

A horror movie?

Nah! Only Luna will like that.

A creepy doll?

Then again, only Luna will like that.

A game?

Lokki already suggested that.

Damn it I can't think of anything.

I stared at the list of gifts that is being displayed on the touch screen blackboard to give me some idea.

I stared at Wren, Ace and Aeris suggestion for a bit.

Somehow I came up with an idea.

"Why not throw her a party?"

As I gave my suggestion.

"A party huh... That's not a bad idea!"

As Lokki reacted positively.

"Good thinking Linel."

As Ace reacted positively as well.

"Parties are awesome dude!" (Zack)

"A banquet for the day of her birth. Good suggestion my dear." (Mathias)

"A party sounds good man!" (Roc)

"You're using your brain for once weirdo. Hmph!" (Wren)

"I have a party kit in my inventory." (Kana)

"Party? I LOVE PARTIES!" (Maple)

And everyone else follows.

Wait! When did Maple get here?

Suddenly, Aeris calls for our attention.


And everyone turn their gaze towards her.

"Anyone who agrees with Linel suggestion, please raise your hand."

As Aeris said politely.

Everyone raises their hands including Aeris.

"A party it is!"

As Aeris concluded cheerfully.

All the boys including Maple started screaming like they're cheering for their favorite team at a space ball tournament.


I guess this guys are a bunch of party animals.


And the first period started.

Aeris quickly turns the touch screen blackboard and went back to her seat.

Everyone puts up a poker face like nothing has happened while waiting for the teacher to arrive as a reaction.

The teacher arrives and greeted us.

"Good morning class!"

"Good morning Madam Aura!"

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