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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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It's been two weeks since the Scorpio space city incident. Things haven't change much for us even when we fought the rebels.

Every one of us actually participated in that battle including all the teachers. No one died from the incident but most of us suffered from minor injuries. Well at least it is not as worst as those rebel policemen who suffered heavy injuries and were all sent back to boot camp. Speaking about that, the mayor of Scorpio space city wanted them all court martialed but his secretary convince him not to since it will leave the city defenseless when an intergalactic terrorist attacks according to gramps. Because of that, those who weren't injured in the battle which is us were forced to work as policemen till the S.B.I sends reinforcements. As a result, our departure has been delayed. Eventually reinforcement arrived three days ago and we left Scorpio space city right around the same time. Well it was quite fun at first since you get to see the whole city while riding a police air bike but it got boring later on since nothing happened. Seriously! Nothing really happened since the city is at peace. Being a cop is a boring job. I better write that off my "want to be list after graduation". Anyway, I've been receiving a lot of text messages recently. Some of them comes from my classmates, others from the upperclassmen like Clarissa and Feini, some from class 3 and most from Lin, Lem and Luna. Yup! Those three keeps on texting me nonstop. It was so hard to keep up with them so I tend to ignore their text messages. Not only that, they call me every now and then to see how I was doing. Naturally I ignore their calls. So yeah it's really annoying. I should change my number soon. Anyway, things are back to normal for us students from the Silver Wing Academy...


Yup! Normal as always...


Maple freaking out is nothing new...


I think she wants us to help her out.

"Shut up! You're annoying!"

As Wren who seemed to be pissed told her off.


And it didn't work.

By the way, Maple started lying down on the floor while spinning around like a shuriken in those martial arts movies.




The battle of screams begins...





At this rate our ear drums will pop from their screaming contest.

I better do something.

"So what does your sister want for her birthday?"

Suddenly, Maple stands up, approaches me and looks at me with her puppy eyes.

"You're going to help me?"

As she said like a little kid.

"Uhh... Yeah?"

Suddenly she transforms into her Mafia Boss mode.

"Good! Here is what we're going to do. I'm going to gather up my men and we are going to kidnap the Boss. After we kidnap him, we are going to restrain his movements using a red ribbon, put him inside a giant gift box then boom! We have now a birthday present. Genius eh?"

Genius or not, she's just pure evil.

"Who's the boss?"

As I asked.

"The Boss is the second year espionage teacher Linel."

As Aeris answered my question politely instead of Maple.

"I see... So what does the Boss got to do with Ms. Diana?"

As I asked.

"The Boss is-"

"Alright now! Before we start revealing other people's secrets, let's think of a gift to give Ms. Diana."

Before Maple was able to complete her sentence, Lokki interrupts her.

Suddenly, Maple approaches Lokki and looks at him with her puppy eyes.

"You're going to help me?"

As she asked like a little kid.

"Yeah! Of course I'll help you!"

As Lokki said cheerfully.

Suddenly, Maple transform into her Mafia Boss mode again.

"Good! Here is what we're going to do. I'm going to gather up my men and we are going to kidnap the Boss. After we kidnap him, we are going to restrain his movements using a red ribbon, put him inside a giant gift box then boom! We have now a birthday present. Genius eh?"

"That's a great idea and all but how will we kidnap the Boss who's a master of CQC and sneaking around let alone restrain him?"

I wonder if Lokki is serious with the whole kidnapping idea or just being sarcastic.

"We use sleeping gas on him!"

Maple and her crazy ideas.

"That will probably work but where could we get a hand of sleeping gas from?"

Is Lokki trying to tell her that her idea is ridiculous indirectly?

Kana who was silently sitting on her seat while fidgeting with her net book that is on top of her desk instead of her usual cell phone suddenly butts in the conversation.

"I have some in my inventory."

Kana takes out a circular greenish black metallic ball with a yellow label on it that has the letters Zzz from he

r bag and place it on top of her desk beside her net book.

After that, she takes out her cell phone from her pocket and starts fidgeting with it.

"That will be 100 credits."

As Kana said while fixing her glasses in place.

What is she? A shady black market dealer? Now that I mentioned it, she tried to sell me a bunch of stuff before.


Maple took out her cell phone and stares at it.

"How do I even now if that thing even works?"

As Maple asked for assurance.

"You have a free trial."

As Kana said with a serious expression.

Talk about customer service.

Wait! Now is not the time to think about that.

Maple approaches Kana and takes the "sleeping gas" that was on her desk and turn towards us.

After that, Kana takes out a gas mask from her school bag which I don't know how it fitted inside there and wears it.

I'm pretty sure I know what exactly Maple is going to do next.

She looks at us with her evil grin.

"Let's get the hell out of here man!"

As Roc shouted out.

Suddenly, everyone runs for the door except for Kana and Maple.

Sadly, there is only one door that leads us out of our classroom so us boys who ran faster than the girls end up being jam and trying to squeeze our way out.

"Move man!" (Roc)

"You move!" (Lokki)

"Dudes! We're like sardines!" (Zack)

"Who cares! Just move damn it!" (Linel)

"My darlings! At this rate, I'm going to explode!" (Mathias)

Holy crap! I forgot Mathias is here.

"Um... Everyone, let's go out in an orderly manner. " (Aeris)

"Now is not the time Aeris, help me push them!" (Ace)


Suddenly, I felt an ice cold circular flat object trying to push us through.






As we screamed in pain except for Mathias who screamed in ecstasy.

Because of that, students from the other class goes out of their room to see what's going on.

"I don't think it's working at all." (Aeris)

"Push harder!" (Ace)

The more they push us, the more we feel tighter which is making it hard for us to breathe.

By the way, I wonder why Maple hasn't thrown that thing at us yet.

"How do I even use this thing?"


"You have to shake it for thirty seconds before throwing it."

As Kana gave her directions.

How inconvenient...


Shake* Shake* Shake* Shake*

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ..."

As Maple started counting like a nursery kid.

Because of that, we started panicking and squeeze our way through even harder while being pushed by an ice cold circular flat object.

"11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16..."

Damn it! At this rate we will all fall victim to Maple's craziness.

"Let me handle this!"

Was that Wren?


I felt a strong painful force at my back.

It must be Wren's kick since it felt nostalgic.

Of all the person to kick, why me?

Is it because I'm in the middle?

"Wren, I don't think you should be doing that."

Thanks Aeris...

"Kick him harder Wren before it's too late!"

Ace just has to go and say that.

"Don't order me around!"


Another painful kick hits my back and this time it was harder.

I thought Wren doesn't want to be ordered around?

My back hurts like hell!

"21, 22, 23, 24, 25..."


I was able to squeeze through because of that kick but I crash into the glass window on front of me.

Now my whole body hurts.

Step* Step* Step* Step* Step*



I can't see what's going on since the only thing I can see in my view is outer space but I'm pretty sure everyone got out and closed the door before Maple threw the sleeping gas.

"What's everyone doing all the way out here? Isn't class about to start?"

As Ms. Diana Free our advisor and the birthday girl scolded us kindly.

The other students from other classes returns back to their room.

As for us...

"What are you all waiting for? Homeroom is about to start so go in everyone."

We are too scared to step inside our room.

"Is there something in there that's preventing all of you to go in?"

We all nodded as as response to Ms. Diana's question.

"Is that so?"

Ms. Diana approaches the door.

As she was on front of the door, we started panicking and tell her not to open it.

"Ms. Diana don't-"


But it was too late.

A thick fog sips out of the classroom door and knocks Ms. Diana out instantly.

As for us, we gathered around Aeris and she created a brainwave barrier to shield us from the fog.

We could see the fog forming around us and takes the shape of the brainwave barrier that looks like where in some kind of tube that shoots up to the ceiling.

After the fog has dissolved, we found our advisor who's out cold face front on the floor just right outside our classroom door and her sister the culprit who's also out cold face front on the floor in our classroom.

To think she didn't think twice to throw that thing nor asked Kana for a gas mask.

So what now?

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