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(Linel age 14)

Today is Halloween and as usual, everyone has plans on their own despite overly decorating the entire house. When I mean overly decorating, I don't mean the normal way like pumpkin lanterns, spider webs, skeletons, hologram monsters and etc. They decorated the entire house like a realistic gorey hunted house from a horror movie.

If you want to know how gorey it looks like, here it is.

There are realistic looking corpse everywhere with their innards and blood spilling out, a realistic suicide victim who hanged himself at our front gate, a self playing piano that's playing a scary song, a bloody sack with a realistic corpse that is moving like a worm out at our front yard, bloody writings on every wall with a scary message and the smell of blood and rotten meat everywhere.

Guess who's the genius who thought of this is.

"Liney! Let's eat the left over candy later when I get back."

It's this crazy lunatic who's my twin sister named Luna.

The reason why she wanted to decorate the entire house this way, it is because she got addicted to a retro horror game called "Corpse Party" and wanted to decorate the entire house in the same style as the environment of that game.

And guess what.

"Linel make sure to give them the candy if someone comes over for trick or treat."

As my mom reminded me.

"Yes mom..."

As I said in responds.

"Little bro! I'll be back by midnight. Make sure to feed King George by eight."

As Gray reminded me.

By the way, King George is the name of his fat pesky Persian cat who's afraid of maidbots. I hate that stupid cat because he always mess up my room and piss on my homework for who knows what reason. If animal abuse is not a crime, I would have murder that cat a long time ago.

"Yeah yeah..."

As I responded.

"Linel! If they get disgusted and surprised by the candy you give them, make sure to give them a demonstration and explain what it is afterwards."

As dad reminded me.

How can I eat this piece of crap called "candy" when it looks exactly like freaking human organs! Not to mention, what made it realistic is that the "candy" is inside a clear sealed plastic bag that looks exactly like what they use to preserve organs in hospitals for transplant.

"Linel! If my package arrives today, make sure to bring it in my room."

As Brea reminded me.

"Why not order the maidbot to do it?"

As I suggested.

"Because the maidbot will mess up the arrangement of my room. So be a good little brother and do as you were told."

As Brea tried to use her big sister powers on me.

"Yeah yeah..."

Eventually, it worked.

"Bye little bro!" (Gray)

"Take care Linel!" (Brea)

"Don't forget to give the trick or treaters their candy. " (Mom)

"Don't forget what I told you earlier. " (Dad)

"Bye bye Liney!!" (Luna)

As they say their farewell and left the house.

Yup! They left me alone in this scary looking house.

Those heartless bunch!

Well this always happens since all of them has their own business to attend to during Halloween.

Dad and Gray has to attend the Halloween Silvertech showcase event which happens every year, Brea has a special Halloween fashion show to attend to and Luna has a concert so mom is also going with her as her manager. Although mom and Luna are always with me during Halloween but ever since Luna debuted as an Idol last year and became instantly famous, I'm now alone.

Just for you not to get the wrong idea, I am not lonely alright! It's just that this house is so damn scary and I bet a cemetery looks even better.

Just walking around the house gives me the creeps.

Well at least I get to have the 72 inch super HD Holoscreen T.V all to myself in the living room.

I went to the living room, opened the holoscreen and the Play Session 2000, grab a controller and sat on the sofa beside "Jack" the realistic looking corpse who's sitting at the right end of the sofa.

So what should I play?

I know! I should download a new game at the Play Session Network.

I went to the Play Session Network app and search for a game.

While I was searching, there's a certain game that caught my interest.

I click on that game, paid 3000 credits and downloaded it right away without a second thought.

After few seconds, the download and the installation of the game have finished.

I start up the new game.

While the game is loading, the name of the game company "Rapstar" flashes and the title of the game "Grand Theft Author: San Andreas" flashes afterwards. After that, a bunch of pictures of gangsters flashes while a retro yet catchy hip hop song is being played.

I'm not really a fan of Grand Theft Author series despite finishing some of their games. The reason why I downloaded this game it is because I saw a rumor on the uninet that the game company Rapstar is going to revive one of their old or maybe ancient game that was released 550 years ago on Earth. They say that this game is one of their legends and is the one who made the game company "Rapstar" famous. To think that the rumor was true and they released the game today.

After the loading screen, a cut scene of a cool looking dark skin man wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans getting his baggage at the retro looking x-ray machine and exits the airport afterwards.

As he was at the entrance of the airport, a bunch of dark skin man wearing a gangster outfit with a retro yet cool looking car greets him.

Hey CJ!*

Hey Homies-*

I skipped the cut scene and get on with the game.

So the first part you do in the game is the tutorial. Well this isn't new since all Grand Theft Author games starts with a tutorial.

But the difference of this and the other Grand Theft Author games is that, your first vehicle is a bicycle.

I made my character hop on the bicycle and start cycling around.

While I was cycling around, I spot a sexy girl wearing a bikini who's walking on the side walk.

Normally in real life, you won't see someone who's wearing a bikini and walking on the sidewalk like it's the normal thing to do. I don't know about the past though.

I decided to teach her a lesson.

I hop off my bicycle and start attacking her.

Thud* Thud* Thud* Thud*

The sexy girl falls to the ground but I didn't stop there and start stomping on her.

Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam*

Take that bitch!*

Alright! That wasn't me that was my character.

Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam*

You like that huh!?*

Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam*

F**k you!*

Hey! What's up with the censor?

Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam*

After few stomps, a pool of blood appears out of the girl.

She must be dead.

Oh well!

Time to move on.

I hope on my bicycle and continue the journey.

Ding dong*

Oh great! Trick or treaters.

I hit the pause button.

I grab a pumpkin shape bucket full of disgusting looking candies and head for the front gate which is far away since our house is so freaking huge.

As I arrive at our front gate, a man who's cosplaying "CJ" the main charcater of the game that I'm playing greets me.

"Trick or treat bitch!"

As he said while pointing and shaking his retro looking air gun like a gangster.

Since I was so impressed by his costume, I gave him the whole bucket of candy.

By the way, we have at least a hundred of those buckets so it won't make a difference if I gave one away.

As I gave him the bucket, he checks the content.

As he did...


"What the f**k! Are you on dope!?"

He throws the bucket out of shock and it hits our front gate.

I pick up one of the fallen "candies" which is a bloody eyeball, open the "packet" and eat it on front of him.

Holy crap! This is the best marshmallow I have ever tasted!

I regain my composure and explain to him.

"This is a a special Halloween candy made by Silvertech."

"CJ" relaxes and made a side comment.

"The f**k! That scare the sh** out of me."

He collects the fallen "candy", put them back in the bucket and walks away.

By the way, I didn't make up the censor on my mind. It was really there.

He must have played the game awhile ago and decided to cosplay "CJ" for Halloween.

Oh well! Time to go back and continue playing.

I went back to the living room, seat beside "Jack" and resume the game.

Alright! Here's my character cycling around a retro looking city looking for who knows what.

I got tired of the bicycle after few minutes and decided to get another vehicle.

Oh great timing!

A police car stops at the stop light.

I hit the "enter the vehicle button" and my character tries to open the door but it was lock.

Suddenly, a star appeared at the bottom of my life gauge and the cop came out of the vehicle and start hammering me with his black police stick or whatever you call it.

Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam*

Of course I wouldn't let the cop do as he pleases and fight back.

Thud* Thud* Thud* Thud*

Oh great! He fell down!

I stomp on him.

Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam*

You like that huh!?*

Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam*

P***y! *

Bam* Bam* Bam* Bam*


Bam* Bam*

F**k you!*

A pool of blood appears out of the cop also a police stick and a gun appeared beside him.

I walk pass the police stick and the gun and it disappeared.

I press the "switch weapon button" and the status icon beside the life gauge changes from a fist into a gun and a gun appeared at my character's right hand.

I enter the police car and started driving.

While I was driving, I saw a bunch of people walking at the side walk.

I decided to run them over for no apparent reason.

As I turned my car towards the side walk...

Ding dong*

Another trick or treater arrives.

I hit the pause button, grab a bucket of candy and head for the front gate.

As I arrive on the front gate.

"Put the candy in the bag! Right now! "

A man who's wearing a burglar's outfit with a ski mask greets me while pointing his big black bad ass looking air gun at me. He's carrying a black sack like Santa Clause at the same time.

Since I was so impressed by his costume, I gave him the entire bucket.

He didn't check the content of the bucket. He shoves it inside his sack and walks away.

I wonder what will happen if he gets back home and check the contents later.

Oh well!

I went back to living room and continue playing.

I resume game play and ran over the pedestrians.

Thud* Thud* Thud* Thud*



Poor pedestrians...





After I ran over the poor pedestrians, another star appeared bellow my life gauge.

Suddenly, a bunch of police cars appears out of nowhere and start chasing me.

Weeeewooooweeeewoooweeewooooo* (siren)


I try to shake them off.

Ding dong*

Ugh! Not now!

I decided to ignore it.


Ding dong*


Ding dong*

Clank* booooosh* Vrooooom*


"Ah f**k!"

I hit the pause button, grab two buckets of candy and head for the front gate.

The reason why I grab two instead of one so that the candies will finish quickly and if that happens, I won't have to go out anymore.

As I arrive at the front gate...

"Trick or treat Linel!"

"Trick or treat..."

A cheeky boy and a timid girl with dark pink hair and reddish pink eyes who are wearing a matching medieval green fantasy outfit greeted me.

This two are my classmates in home schooling.

The ch

eeky boy's name is Lem Croiss and the timid girl is Lin Croiss. Both of them are twins just like me and Luna and we have a lot in common like our names starts with an "L", we belong to a rich family who owns a big name company, socially introverted and such.

Luna is not socially introverted though.


I give them the bucket of candy and walk away.

"Hey! Aren't you going to let us in!?"

As Lem demanded.

"Why should I?"

As I retorted.

"Because we are moving soon and this the only chance you get to spend time with us your only friends in the entire universe!"

As he declared with pride.

Alright! It's not true that those two are the only friends I have in the entire universe since I have my online gaming buddies who are in the same guild as I am and never seen them in real life nor befriend them in any S.N.S...

Alright! Maybe they are the only friends I have in the entire universe.

"Luna's not here you know..."

As I said to him.

Lem suddenly got all flustered.

"I know!"

As he screamed at the top of his lungs.

Lem has a crush on Luna ever since we first met during nursery.

As for Lin, she hardly talks and plays with her dolls when we first met and hides behind her brother when I try to approach her. Up until now, she hides behind her brother when I try to talk her but she talks to Luna a lot like they're best friends. I wonder if she hates me or something.

I let them in and head for the living room.

They follow me in pursuit.

While we are walking at the hallway...

"What the hell is with this decorations! They're so freeking realistic and creepy!"

As Lem complained.

"It was Luna's idea."

As I pointed out.

"I-it was Luna's i-idea??"

As he said while being all flustered.


"Wow! She's a freaking genius!"

As he said in admiration.

To think that awhile ago he was all creeped out but as soon as I mentioned Luna, he turned 180 degrees.

I guess he really loves that Lunatic.

"Lem I'm scared..."

As Lin said in a cute manner while clinging to her brother's arm.

"Don't worry! I'll protect you!"

As he said like a boy who's trying to calm his girlfriend down who are currently trap inside a haunted house in those horror movies.

"You know, if someone else sees the both of you right now, they'll definitely have the wrong idea."

As I pointed out.

"Hey! We're totally not like that alright! And I love Luna!"

As he scream at the top of his lungs.

I can't believe he could say that out loud without stuttering.

As for Lin, she silently stares at me.

"Yeah yeah..."

As I said to brush it off and continue walking towards the living room.

As we arrive at the living room, I let them sit on the sofa beside "Jack" out of hospitality and sat on the floor on front of them.

I grab the controller and resume gameplay.

Weeeeewooooweeeeewoooooweeewooooweeewoo* Vroooooom*

Clank* Booosh*

"Hey! Is this what took you so long to answer us?"

As Lem asked.


As I answered him.

Weeeeeeewooooooweeeeewoooooweeeeewoooo* Vrooooom* Clank* Booooosh* Boooooom*

My vehicle's front part was set on fire and after few seconds, it exploded.


As I blurted out.

Ding dong*

Another trick or treater.

I stood up and gave the controller to Lem.

"Take over for me will you."

As I said.

"Yeah sure!"

As he responded.

After that, I grab two buckets of candy and head for the front gate.

While I was walking on the hallway, I heard footsteps following behind me.

Is this some kind of prank that Luna setup?

Just thinking about it pisses me off.


I envelope my whole body with electricity using atomic synthesis out of anger and turn backwards.

As I did...


A girl with dark pink shaggy long hair who's wearing a green medieval outfit screams in a cute manner.

It was Lin.

As soon as I saw her, I calmed down and disperse the electricity.

"Why are you following me?"

As I asked her.

"I-I don't know..."

As she responded shyly.

Alright! Lin is really cute right now but she's acting strangely since she wouldn't bother following me without Lem or Luna.

"So you follow me without any apparent reason?"

As I pointed out.


Lin didn't say a word and silently nodded.

Knowing her, she won't be able to give me a clear answer no matter how much I ask her.

I decided to let her be.

I continue walking.

As I did...


Lin suddenly screams out in a cute manner.

I stop walking and turn towards her.

"What now?"

As I asked.

"I- Um... I..."

As she was trying to explain herself while shivering.

I think I get what she's trying to say.

"You're scared aren't you?"


As I pointed out and she silently nodded.

Unfortunately I'm scared too and that lunatic took all the light bulbs out in the entire house including our rooms so I can't switch on the damn lights.

I approach her and gave her the bucket of candy that I was holding with my right hand and warn her beforehand.

"Whatever you do, don't look inside this bucket."

She silently nodded and accepts the bucket.

After that, I synthesize a fire ball on my right hand and use it as a torch.

"Stay close to me."

As I told her and started walking.

She gently holds the back of my shirt and walks behind me.

We arrive at the front gate and guess who greeted us.

"Ho ho ho! Happy Halloween!"

It's freaking Santa Clause!

Talk about wrong season.

Lin hands me the bucket that she was carrying and I gave the two buckets to Santa.

"Hmm? Let's see what the good noodle has offered me."

Santa Clause checked the content.

He suddenly throws the bucket of candy and screams.

"Holy Mary mother of-"

I pick up one of the candy that got spilled on the floor which is a realistic looking brain and eat it on front of him.


Holy crap! This is the best gelatin I have ever tasted!

I regain my composure and explain to him.

"This is a a special Halloween candy made by Silvertech."

Santa calms down, picks up the spilled candy and puts it back in the two buckets.

"Ho ho ho! That really scared me!"

As Santa said in relief.

After that, Santa whistles and a red sled with boosters slowly descends from the starry sky.

He gets on the sled and said his farewell Santa style.

"Good bye good noodles! Happy Halloween!"


Santa flies off towards the starry sky.

"That was weird."

As I commented.

Oh yeah! Since Lin saw the realistic looking human organ candies, she should be stiff scared by now.

I turn towards her and saw her as cool as a cucumber.

"Wait! You weren't scared when you saw that?"

As I asked in a surprise manner.

Suddenly, Lin becomes all flustered and shy.

"I-I'm used to it..."

As she responded shyly.

"Used to it?"

As I asked.

"I-I've seen real human organs before..."

As she answers me shyly.

Oh yeah! I forgot that the Croiss family owns the topmost and biggest hospital with a lot of branches in the entire universe.

"I see... Let's head back shall we?"

As I said casually.


Lin silently nodded and grab holds the back of my shirt.

After that, we walk back towards the living room.

As we did...

Bam* Wam* Hadouken!* Bam* Pak* Shoryouken!* Tastumekisenpukyaku!*

K. O!*

You Win!*

Lem is playing Street Fighter Chronicles.

"Hey! Who told you to change the game!"

As I complained.

"Quit complaining and play with me will ya?"

As he said and throws me a controller. I catch the controller out of reflex.

I ended up playing with him.

Oh well! I could just play Grand Theft Author: San Andreas tomorrow.

This is how I spend my Halloween with my only two friends in the entire universe.

By the way, when I play against Lin, I was pulverized by her.

She must be a pro at this game.

After four days, they move away right before Luna's and my birthday. I was hoping that they will be celebrating with us but that's just how life is. We said our farewells and watch them enter the space port.

This the last time I have ever saw them.

(Present day)

Pisces space city

Croiss family estate

Living room...

Lin is doing her homework while watching T.V at the same time and Lem is desperately trying to buy a V.I.P ticket to Luna's concert on the uninet using his net book.

"Agh dammit!"

As he screamed out of frustration.

"Lem please be quiet. I'm trying to do my homework."

As Lin scolded him nicely.

"Oh sorry!"

As Lem apologizes.

Suddenly, Lem received a notification.

He checks it out.

He received a digital V.I.P ticket to Luna's concert.

"Booh yah!"

As he jumped up and screamed in joy.


As Lin scolded him.

"Oh! Sorry!"

As Lem apologizes and quietly sat down. After that, he continues surfing the uninet.

For the news update.

Congressman Krion Rux was arrested today at 6 pm for stiring a rebellion at Scorpio space city. Because of the students and staff of the Silver Wing Academy, the rebellion was help put to rest. Here is a video footage of their battle. As you can see in these video footage, you see the students of the Silver Wing Academy fighting the rebels right outside the space port...*

Suddenly, Lin screams and point at the T.V.

"Lem look!"

"Huh? What? A cockroach? Where?"

As Lem reacted and grabs a pesticide that was beside his net book for some reason.

"No the T.V!"

As Lin said that, Lem look towards the T.V.

He saw Linel and the others fighting the policemen.

"Hey! That's Linel!"

As Lem shouted out of shock.

"Lem what's happening to him? Why is he there?"

As Lin asked worriedly.

"I don't know. I haven't contacted him for a long time."

As Lem answered her.

Suddenly, Lem takes his cell phone out of his pocket and tries to call Linel.

Lin approaches Lem as she saw that and tries to listen in.

"I hope he haven't change his number yet."

As he said to himself.

Ring* Ring* Ring*

"Good it still works!"

Silver Wing Academy

Dormitory Area

Linel's room...

Tootootootoot tootootoot tootoootooooot...* (Darth Vader theme song)

"Son of a bitch! Who's calling at this hour!"

Tootootootoot tootootoot tootoootooooot...*


I pick up my cell phone that was underneath my pillow and answer the call without clearly checking who it was.


As I answered irritatedly.

"Hey Linel! Is that you?"

As the unknown caller with a familiar voice responded.

"Who else will it be?"

"Oh Good! So what the hell are you doing at Scorpio space city?"

Argh! Damn it! I'm not in the mood to explain to a total stranger with a familiar voice right now.

"Talk to you tomorrow. Good night!"

I end the call, switch off my cell phone and went back to sleep.

(Lin and Lem's side)


"What the hell! He hanged up!"

As Lem reacted.

"Try calling him again!"

As Lin told him what to do.


Lem tries calling Linel again.

Chck* the number you have dialed it's not yet in service. Please try your call again later. The number you have dialed...*

"He switched off his cell phone!"

As Lem reacted.

"Maybe he's tired. Try calling him tomorrow."

As Lin told him what to do again.


As Lem responded.

After that, Lin and Lem went back to what they were doing earlier but as they do, they can't help but to feel anxious.

"I'll try calling him again!"

As Lem said and take out his cell phone.

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