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   Chapter 69 NO.69

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Hi everyone!

It's me Repolio!

If you're wondering again why there's no Luna's Corner, I didn't ran out of jokes this time. I just wanted to write an afterword because I'm a narcissist.

Yup! I love myself!

Anyway, as you all know that I have some kind of pattern that I'm following. If you haven't notice it yet then that's not my problem neither it's yours.

It's the cockroaches problem.

I hate cockroaches!

Why are they so nasty and icky?

If only they're cute like cats, I would have not killed them for fun. Instead, I'll hug them and kiss them like what I do with cats.

I love cats!!!

Who doesn't?

Anyway, while writing these four chapters, I was thinking to myself.

"Hey! Isn't this a military scho

ys chats with me and The_WorldBreaker for giving me suggestions on how to get this story recognize.

(PS: I want to personally thank anyone who read this story so please post a comment at the later Chapters ^_^)

I'll be posting new chapters at Silver Wing Academy Vol.2 since there are 60+ parts here. Please support the works of the people I mentioned and my other works Pangaea Project and World Liberation Party.

This is Repolio!

Over and out!

I always wanted to do that.

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