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   Chapter 67 NO.67

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I stopped the Nitros Oxide boosters and prepare for landing.

As soon as I hit the ground, I executed a roll so that the impact of the landing would go towards the floor instead of my legs.

I landed right on front of the policemen.

Since I'm in a crouching position, I executed a twist kick on the policemen who's on front of me that makes him trip side wards and executed a compressed air punch on him while he was in midair.

Bam* Woosh*

The compressed air explodes and sends him and the other policemen who were beside him fly backwards.

After that, I quickly point my right hand on the other policemen who are near me and synthesize an explosion.


I saw their barrier shattered from the explosion.

After that, I executed a compressed air punch with my left hand and send them flying backwards.


The other policemen tries to shoot but I quickly charge their guns with positive and negative electric charge that makes them shoot each other.


After that I executed a round house kick that electrocutes them while knocking them down.

I rush towards the other policemen before they could react and punch one of them with my right hand with a little shock treatment and synthesize an explosion with my left hand at the others afterwards.

It's been a long time since I went all out like this.

Slash* Slash* Voom* Woosh* Boosh* Slash*

As Ace, Louise, Wren, Zack and Mathias joins in.

Ace synthesizes two ice blades and started slashing the policemen. Louise materializes her two green plasma blades and slashes the policemen as well.

Zack who's carrying a booster sword, soars through the sky like I did and crashes into the policemen using the blade.

Mathias who's carrying a two handed plasma sword with a green blade, executes a big swing with a gust of wind that sweeps the policemen away.

Wren who's carrying a red plasma saber slashes the policemen with flaming effects and executes a kick at other policemen afterwards.

So Wren is like Ace who could use different types of bladed weapons.

While the six of us are on a rampage, the others supports us by doing long range atomic synthesis except Lokki who's attacking them with flying plasma daggers and Kana who's fidgeting with her cell phone.

We gradually reduce their numbers bit by bit by doing this tactics while ignoring the automated wavebots who were attacking us.

Because of that, the other policemen retreated while leaving their comrades behind.

Now it's down to us and the wavebots.

The wavebot

quickly picks up the assault rifle from the dettached arms and shoots the cockpit of one of the three remaining wavebots.

Ratatata* Ratatata* Ratatata* Shatter* Ratatata*

The glass covering shatters and the bullets pierced through.

The wavebot deactivates.

Two more wavebots to go and we win.

Toodge* Toodge* Toodge* Toodge* Clank* Toogoom*

Kana ran towards one of the two remaining wavebots, crashed into it and knocked it over.

While the wavebot was on the floor, Kana points her gun at the cockpit in point blank range and pulls the trigger.

Ratatatatatatatatatatatatatata* Shatter*

The wavebot deactivates.

Only one more wavebot to go.

Kana points her gun at the last wavebot's cockpit and pulls trigger.

Ratatatata* Ratatatata* Shatter* Click* Click*

Before she was able to execute the finishing blow, she ran out of bullets.

Kana toss the gun away and run towards the wavebot.

Toodge* Toodge* Toodge* Toodge* Clank* Toogoom* Boovoom* Bam*

As soon as she was near it, she tackled it and punch the cockpit while they were on the floor.

As a result, the wavebot deactivates.

Everyone started screaming and cheering as we won the battle.

Soon after, repairbots hover through the the starry sky while carrying a speaker and siren.

An announcement was made.

"This is the S.B.I speaking. Seize all battle at once! I repeat! Sieze all battle at once! The rebel leader congressman Krion Rux has been arrested. This is S.B.I speaking. Seize all battle at once! I repeat! Sieze all battle at once! The rebel leader congressman Krion Rux has been arrested. This is the..."

So this was a rebellion huh...

What does it have to do with us?

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