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   Chapter 66 NO.66

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So we decided to go somewhere with a lot of enemies which is...


"Don't move!"

"You're all under arrest!"

"If you all resist, we won't hesitate to shoot!"

Right on front of the police station.

Although a squadron of policemen were pointing their guns at us, we don't feel scared at all.

More like we're itching for a fight.

"Can I shoot them? Can I shoot them?"

As Maple asked like an innocent little kid.

"Yeah go ahead!"


"Do the honors boss!"

"Make sure to leave some for us."

As we encourage her.


Maple quickly points her beam rifle at them.


As she shouted while pulling the trigger before they even reacted.


A red particle beam that resembles tooth paste shoots out and blast the policemen away.


As the policemen screams while they were flying away to who knows where from the blast.

As a result, the squadron of policemen were all wiped out instantly.

"Hey! Didn't I say to leave some for us?"

As Lokki complained.


As Maple apologized like a little kid who is being scolded by her mother.

Suddenly, we heard footsteps coming from the police head quarters.

"Look there's more of them."

As I said casually.


As Maple shouted and quickly points her beam rifle at the entrance of the building and pulls the trigger.



"Man down! Man down!"

Although I couldn't see them, I exactly know what's going on in there.

Maple didn't stop there and continues shooting the entrance.

Bzzzzshoooooh* Bzzzzshoooooh*

Bzzzzshoooooh* Bzzzzshoooooh*

Bzzzzshoooooh* Bzzzzshoooooh*


She's one evil little kid.

Ratatata* Ratatata* Ratatata* Ratatata* Ratatata* Ratatata*

Suddenly, Roc and Maple's right hand man started shooting the windows.

I look towards the window to see why they're doing that.

As I did, I saw a bunch of policemen trying to sneak a peek but couldn't because of them.

When there's a bunch of police at the other windows who are trying to the same thing, they were shot at.

In other words, they're playing "whack the mole" with the policemen.

"Leave this to us man!"

"Go on every


"Alright Bat Man!" (Clarissa)

"Sure thing first year!" (Feini)

"I'll accompany you young master." (Louise)

"I'm coming with you." (Ace)

"Don't leave me out dude!" (Zack)

"You're not the only one who wants to show off weirdo!" (Wren)

"If her highness is going then I am oblige to help." (Eri)

"I'll join you my dear." (Mathias)

"Y-yeah!" (Purple pony tail girl)

"Better thank me for this later Linel!" (Cream short hair girl)

"I'm happy to help." (Tall black short hair boy)

"You're not the boss off

Me! But I'll do it for Clarissa baby!" (Lover boy)

"Make sure not to damage the wavebots." (Kana)

As everyone's answered me.

So Wren, Ace, Zack, Mathias and Louise are coming along huh...

"Thanks everyone. "

As I showed my gratitude.

Oh yeah! About Kana's unusual request.

I decided to ask about it.

"Kana why you don't want the wavebots to get damage?"

"It's a surprise."

As Kana answers me while fixing her glasses in place.

A surprise huh...

Knowing Kana, she has a lot of things up her sleeves.

"I'll try my best not to."

As I answered her.

Now time for the countdown.

"On three...




Everyone shoots out different kinds of powerful looking atomic synthesis and Lokki levitates me as I told him to.

As I was in the air, I point my hands backwards and synthesize Nitros Oxide molecules.

"Now Aeris!"


As I shouted that, I vibrated the Nitros Oxide molecules violently and soar through the air.

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