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   Chapter 65 NO.65

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Give them hell huh...

"Now you're talking!"

As I said while cracking my fists.

I look at the others and they seemed to be stunned by the announcement.

Class 3 started talking among themselves.

"Give them hell?"

"Does he mean to fight them?"

"What should we do?"

"I just wanna go home!"

"Let's just leave it to the teachers."

Because of them, everyone seems to look hesitant on what to do.

This so annoying!

Aren't they pissed for treating us that way?

I decided to give them a "speech".

"If you guys decide on going back to the academy and seat on your asses doing nothing, go ahead. I doubt that the academy is safe though. As for me, I'm going to go give them one hell of a payback for all they have done to us. So if you guys are with me, grab anything that looks useful and come with me."

And everyone became silent.

Maybe I should have not done that and just walk away.

"Young master, I'll accompany you as just what my master ordered me to do."

As Louise broke the silence.

"Pay back huh... I'm with you Linel!"

As Lokki said and start scavenging for weapons.

"I want revenge! Revenge! Bwahahaha!"

As Maple said like an evil little kid and started looking for weapons.

I guess Maple is really pissed off with them.

"If the boss says, I'll go with her."

As Maple's right hand man said like a Mafia and goes along with Maple.

"Let's give them hell man!"

As Roc shouted and looks for weapons as well.

Well I did expect Roc to go along so no surprise there.

"Hmph! Acting all cool when you're just a weirdo!"

As Wren complained.

"Your highness, just be honest and say that you will go with him."

As Eri retorted.


As Wren shouted.

"Come on now your highness! We don't want to keep Linel waiting."

As Eri said and drags Wren to look for weapons.

"I'm not really into violence but since it was the principal's order so..."

Aeris didn't finish her sentence and started looking for weapons.

"If Aeris is going, I'm going as well."

As the violet pony tail hair girl from the Luna fanatic club said and joins Aeris.

"Dude! Let's bust some heads!"

That's Zack for you.

He joins in with the others who are looking for weapons.


Kana didn't say anything and started looking for weapons.

"I'm with you all the way my dear!"

Thanks Mathias! If only you weren't a pervert.

Mathias looks for weapons as well.

"Good job Linel! Now I'm all motivated!"

As the cream short hair girl from th

Where did that come from?

I decided to ask her.

"What do you mean by that?"

"It means I will be able to see that unique fighting style of yours that you use when you fought the head maidbot."

"Is my fighting style really that unique?"

"Yup! I haven't seen anything like it."

So mom has thought me something unique huh...

Wait! I just remember something.

"Isn't your fighting style unique as well?"

As I asked.

"Not on where I came from."

As she answered me.

"I see... Well I haven't seen anything like it so it's unique to me."

As I was trying to complement her.

"Thanks! That means a lot to me."

As she accepted my complement.

"Looks like everyone's up and ready."

As I said while noticing that everyone's done searching.

"Let's get ready for war shall we?"

As Ace said in a cool manner.

"Isn't war an exaggeration?"

As I retorted.

"That's exactly what we're going to do. So give us a few words of encouragement leader."


She didn't answer me and pushes my back with something hard and freezing cold that makes me move forward.

As I move forward, everyone stares at me like they're waiting for me to say something.

Better get this over with.

"Uh... Let's roll out?"

Alright! That doesn't sound so convincing.


As everyone shouted.

Looks like they don't give a crap.

Oh well!

We all head outside while holding our heads up high.

As for the undecided bunch, they just watch us dumbfoundedly.

As we were outside, there wasn't a single enemy on sight.

"So where should we go Linel?"

As Lokki asked.

"Somewhere with a lot of enemies?"

As I answered him.

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